6 Practical Window Designs For Your House

July 25, 2019

It is not incorrect to presume that windows can add to the style and oomph of your living space. Windows can also instantly brighten and can contribute to the natural lighting of your home. The right windows can also define your personal style whether it’s modern and chic or traditional yet elegant.  No two persons can have the same taste and style preferences, and it holds true to something as mundane as window shopping. Here is a comprehensive guide on the most practical yet stylish window ideas that will leave you spoilt for choice.

  1. Double Hung Windows

These windows are stylish yet compact enough to be fixed in even the smallest of homes. These windows constitute of two sashes that divide the frame into two parts, these windows slide vertically upwards and downwards. The only downside is that windows open either in the upward or downward compartment, with one part, held stationary, which hurdles in the airflow.

  1. Casement Windows

Casement windows are stylish yet practical. They function by opening outwards with a hinge intact that controls the movement. Encased with large panes of plain glass, they provide ample light and ventilation as needed. When closed and locked, they work really well in insulating the area and thus saving energy reserves.

  1. Bay Windows

Every architect’s dream window, the famous bay windows are an excellent way of adding sharp and framed silhouettes and projections across a building. Coming to the interior side, they add to the internal space available as they project outwards from the exterior siding of the house. Generally, they are a combination of multiple windows hinged in the middle to a stationery window.

Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/window-furniture-room-3042834/

  1. Awning Windows

Plunged to a hinge at the top, these windows can open in multiple directions proving air entry from left, right or bottom compartments. These windows can be installed along the bottom, upwards or side of a stationary compartment. 

  1. Picture Windows

These windows are the epitome of style and grace and are ideal for townhouses, beach homes or a countryside house where you would take advantage of the mesmerizing landscape views around you. On the downside, these windows are shut sealed so think twice about installing them unless you are backed up with an alternate ventilation system for your room. These windows are almost zero per cent air leak-proof, but tend to gain or lose a lot of heat that makes them less energy efficient in the long run.

  1. Slider Windows

Gliding along a stationery tract, these windows are seen heavily incorporated into today’s modern contemporary décor. Customizable to as large framed, or as a compact that would fit your house. These windows have no complex hinges or locks associated with them and are fairly simple to use. Slider windows can provide optimum airflow and reasonable light entry into your house but they aren’t as well sealed as casements that can lead to minute energy losses.

When you want to buy new or replacement windows, it’s better to use conservatory outlet as they have a wide collection of trendy and classic window designs.


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