Acorns Children’s Hospice Bubble Rush

July 21, 2019

Yesterday we took part in the Acorns Children’s Hospice Bubble Rush. It was a brilliant way to start the holidays. It was brilliantly organised was loads of fun, really good exercise and we were raising money for a worthwile charity at the same time. 

The event took place at Cofton Park in the West Midlands. It was easy to get to and the car park was well sign posted. There was lots of parking available and plenty of people on hand to help you find a space. The parking was free but there were collection buckets to make a donation.

Everyone helping on the day were incredibly bubbly and helpful. The registration area was at the entrance to the park and it was really quick and easy to register and hget your race number and t-shirt. We love the Bubble Rush t-shirt with its fun logo. It didn’t stay white for long. It’s worth taking some money as youi can buy several souvenirs from one of the stalls. We bought visors which were brilliant for keeping the sun off your face and also for protecting you from the bubbles. You could also buy other merchandise such as sunglasses, head bands and whistles.

There were several food stalls and outdoor toilets as well as a giant inflatable target. Molly won a trip to Rush Trampoline Park by getting a Bull’s Eye which was brilliant at the start of the holidays.

There are several different start times so it’s definitely worth checking your ticket. It’s worth getting there early to soak up the atmosphere. We got to meat the Acorn’s mascot Finn and get a photo and take some selfies in the selfie booth. There is a fun zumba style warm up ten minutes before the race time.

We were really excited to get going. The first station is white and there is a big stream of bubbles straight away. We were pleasently surprised with how lovely it was to be in the bubbles. They are so soft and fluffy, it was like running through cotton candy.

There are five different bubble stations around the 5k route. They offer a welcome break from running, as you have to stop and play in the bubbles. It’s a good thing the race isn’t timed as you do lose a lot of time playing in the bubbles. The bubbles do go high so you have to keep an eye on younger children. At some of the stations they went above my head.

Cofton Park is really lovely to run through. It was very hilly so you do need to pace yourself.

You go aroudn the course twice and can pick up a drink at the half way point and the end.

You do end up absolutely covered in bubbles, even if you don’t jump into them like Molly did. It was hard to wipe yourself clean so you might need to carry some wipes in your backpack. Several children were wearing goggles, which helped prevent the bubbles getting in their eyes.

It was really fun to see the bubbles rolling down the hill. It was also funny when you emerge out of a bubble station looking like a snowman.

At the end of the route you get a medal to keep. We were covered in bubbles and looked like we’d turned into smurfs. It all washed off after a shower though. We’d remembered to bring a towel and a change of clothes for the car journey home.

The most important part of the day is collecting the sponsorship money. You could pay at the donation station on site and they even had card facilities.

If every Birmingham Bubble Rush participant raises £25 that could pay for just over two days of care in one of their hospices?

Acorns needs £27,000 per day to run its services and the charity relies on donations and fundraising by the community and local businesses for 70% of this amount. You can see more details about the important work of Acorns here.


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