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June 12, 2016

 A one-hour delivery service available in Birmingham 

The thing I found the hardest when adjusting to having a new baby was needing to pop into a shop and quickly pick up a couple of things. It was something I had definitely taken for granted.  I have spent a lot of time over the last few years imagining a service which gets your shopping and delivers it to your door. How wonderful would that be? Any time you ran out of nappies or milk or other parenting essentials, yes even chocolate. Well, now you can. Amazon Prime Now a super fast service which does just that. It offers a one hour delivery on essentials. I have used Amazon Prime for a couple of years and really love the convenience of being able to order something and it arrives the next day. I’m impatient, ok. But there are times when the next day isn’t fast enough and that is when Amazon Prime Now is amazingly handy.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 21.22.30

Amazon Prime Now is an app which you can get on the app store. Prime members can choose delivery within one hour of ordering for £6.99, or free delivery within a choice of two-hour, same-day delivery slots between 8am and midnight, seven days a week. It is very simple to use and you can quickly find what you were looking for. I used it to do a quick shop for essentials after we came back from camping on Bank Holiday Monday in Half Term. I was planning to do a big shop the next day and only needed a few items to keep us going. The girls were tired and I felt really grubby and grumpy after a few days away and didn’t really want to stop at a shop with whining kids. It was brilliant to use it to shop and know that my things would arrive without me having to leave the house. I found all the essentials I needed.

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Once you have ordered then you can watch your delivery on the map. This is great if you want to keep an eye on when it will arrive.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 21.22.57

The orders arrive in paper bags and are well within the time frame. I ordered cereal, juice, spreads and milk. I bought us an easy meal of pizza and chips which was much cheaper than the takeaway we had been considering. I even ordered some fresh fruit and salad, which I was surprised was a possibility. When I ordered grocery essentials were 50% off. I found my order was about the same if I had stopped and gone to a regular supermarket.


The other thing which was useful is that you can order products like toys and electrical goods. I can see this as a great option if you need a last minute birthday present. We had promised the girls that we would stop on the way home for them to spend their pocket money but they were definitely too tired for that, so it was an easy thing to add their current favourite toy of the moment Beanie Boos to the order. These were even cheaper than in the shop. I have to say patience isn’t the twins strong point at the moment, so only having an hour to wait was a distinct advantage


I am not the only person in Birmingham to be using this service. 11am on Wednesday morning is the most common time for parents of babies in Birmingham to run out of essential items. This is when panicking parents place orders for baby essentials like nappies, baby food and wipes.

Jason Weston, director of Prime Now said: “Since launching in the city last summer, Prime Now has been very popular with local mums and dads taking advantage of baby’s nap time to place orders for last minute essentials for their little ones. Local parents using the ultra-fast delivery service can also stock up on sweet treats and necessities for the rest of the family and the home.”  The service is also available in selected postcodes which surround the city including Lichfield, Cannock and Tamworth.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 21.28.24The top five most popular baby products ordered by Birmingham customers on Prime Now:

  1. Baby wipes
  2. Baby vegetable lasagne
  3. Nappies
  4. Baby powder
  5. Baby shepherds’ pie


This is definitely an app I will be using regularly. It would have made my life so much easier if this service had been available a few years ago when the twins were babies.

Disclaimer: I was given a voucher so I could try the service for the purpose of this review.  

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