Rebecca English

Hi I'm Rebecca, a teacher living in the UK. I think up fun activities that I think my girls will love. I hope you do too!

Apple Boats

Last weekend we made apple boats. The setting was beautiful as it was at a stately home in the heart of the UK countryside. It was a lovely Autumn day so it was the perfect activity for getting out and about. There were so many apples to try and activities to do. Our favourite by …

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Family Holiday Planning 101

Family Holiday Planning 101

Some days it can be hard enough just getting the kids dressed and out the door, let alone thinking about taking the little darlings half way across the world with an entourage of suitcases. But with so many families living stress-filled lives, a family holiday could be just what the doctor ordered. This much-needed break …

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Post-Pandemic Family Travel

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way Americans live, learn, and work. It is leading all towards a virtual world, both personally and professionally. Now, when the restrictions are easing, and vaccines are available, families are waiting to complete their long-overdue trips. Are you ready to hit your favorite destination with your family? Knowing what …

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Fidget Popper Rainbow Cake next to the toy that inspired it

Fidget Cake Recipe

I knew exactly what I wanted to make Rose for her birthday. A bubble popper fidget cake. She loved fidget toys and her favourite was the rainbow bubble poppers which are the craze of 2021. This was top of her list as a present so I knew she would want one as a cake. I …

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Importance Of Leather Sectional Sofas in A Modern Living Room

It is true that vegetarianism and veganism are on the rise. This has led to literal attacks on people wearing fur and hatred of leather furniture. However, this ignores the fact that leather can be ethically sourced, and you can buy faux-leather options if that’s your preference. Let’s learn more about the importance of leather …

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secondary education

Strategies to Assist Students in the Transition to Secondary Education 

The start of the school year is always an exciting time, both for students and teachers alike. Reuniting with classmates you may not have seen during the summer break, and experiencing the thrill of getting your stationery and uniform ready; it is something we have all experienced in our lifetimes and could be quite fond memories for some people. However, while this may well be the case for most people, it would be wrong to dismiss the often-conflicting feelings that some students and teachers could …

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Smart TV Buying Guide

Ever noticed how many TVs are actually available in the stores? As great as the selections are, so great are your choices, and this, combined with all sorts of clever marketing and manipulation tricks that retailers have up their sleeves, the chances of you experiencing great pressure during the TV buying process are quite high.  …

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cricut mini

Cricut Mini Review

Disclaimer: We were sent a Cricut Mini for the purposes of this review.  Note: The product mentioned in the post on 4th February 2014 has now been replaced by a newer version called a Cricut Maker® 3 Before Christmas I was sent a Cricut Mini to review. These are electronic cutting machines which you attach to your …

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How to Make Moving a Fun, Family Experience (Even Your Kids Will Enjoy)

Moving is exciting because you and your family are off on a new adventure. No doubt you all are excited because it’s a new house (or apartment), new location, and new opportunities.Once you’ve got all the important details sorted such, talking to your bank, liaising with the letting agents Warrington, organising the removal company etc. you …

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Christmas gifts from Mainline Menswear

Gifts Ideas For Men

Shopping for Christmas has been so different this year. I’ve been avoiding going to shops as much as possible so have been looking for fantastic online retailers to order from. I was struggling with gifts for men until I was asked to review a selection of items from from Mainline Menswear. There was so much …

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Gift ideas for newborns

Meta Description: Gift ideas ought to be thoughtful and practical. Something that the new parents will remember joyously. Something as practical as baby vests, useful on a day-to-day basis.

Delicious Chicken Sandwich

Sandwiches may seem like a simple food item with two slices of bread and layers of food items in between them. You can go for meat, cheese, vegetables, butter, chicken, jam, and many more. And if you spread butter over the slices of the bread, your sandwich can get even tastier. In almost all parts …

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Teacher Presents

Teacher Presents

There’s a lot of stress over giving presents to teachers and most of that is generated by competitive parents wanting to outdo each other. Having been on the other side of the fence, teachers enjoy receiving presents (who doesn’t!) but don’t sit there counting who has sent what or how much it cost. I received …

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Top Christmas Days Out West Midlands

Top Christmas Days Out in the West Midlands

Here’s our rundown of the top Christmas days out in the West Midlands. Christmas at Cadbury World Sealife Centre Enchanted Kingdom at Hatton Country World Polar Express Drayton manor Warwick Castle Blithbury Ice Skating Christmas Markets A Trip To The Theatre

How To Instill A Love For The Outdoors In Young Children 

It seems like the more advances we make in technology, the less time we spend outdoors just enjoying the world around us. Now we’re having school through the internet. Our kids may grow up to be working online indoors most of the time. How can we teach our children’s generation to appreciate, love, and conserve …

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Extra-Curricular Activities That Build Your Child’s Confidence

We like to think that our efforts to boost our children’s confidence pays off, but sometimes even though we find them a good school, and put every effort into ensuring that they are supported and happy, their confidence can take a knock here and there. We are all human and so our confidence levels aren’t …

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letter b activities

Letter B Activities for Kids

Button Biscuits We started the day baking button biscuits. We used a gingerbread recipe and some circle and b shaped cookie cutters.   The buttons are easy to make with a straw to cut the holes We also made some b biscuits. Once they were finished we decorated them with button sweets. Bird and Butterfly …

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