Rebecca English

Hi I'm Rebecca, a teacher living in the UK. I think up fun activities that I think my girls will love. I hope you do too!

The Gallery -A Happy Memory

If only we’d stop trying to be happy we could have a pretty good time (Edith Wharton) Sometimes you need a bit of hindsight to look back and realise you’re happy. The big important days like birthdays and christmas are wonderful but you’re sometimes so busy trying to be happy you never get time to actually …

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Versatile Blogger Award

Yesterday I had a lovely comment from The Rambling Pages saying she had awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award. Woo hoo! I love praise. If you haven’t read her blog then take a look, it’s a funny and bitingly honest read, about life as a mum of two, parenting children with Aspergers and ADHD and marriage. …

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Mummy Fail

I’m fairly relaxed about this parenting malarky second time around. The twins make a huge mess at dinner (well all the time actually) eat a range of foods some of them shock/horror unhealthy, sometimes miss their nap, play in the mud and sand and generally carry on like two wild animals. I’ve had to be …

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The Gallery – National Photography Day

Here is my favourite photo from National Photography Day.On the official website  for World Photography Day it says, “Today, we take our photographs for granted. But next time you’re flicking though photos from your last holiday, remember that there was once a time when photography didn’t exist. A time when those precious moments couldn’t be captured, …

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Cardboard Box Police Car

The cardboard box which our latest pram came in has been sitting in the kitchen for over a month. The children have had so much fun jumping on it and hiding inside, but this week it was finally time to do something with it. I asked my daughter what she wanted to make with it …

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Big sister of twins

“This is the way we went to visit you in hospital when the babies were born, mummy,” my four year old said last week. We were on a route we hadn’t been down for a while. She was right it was the same way we would go to the hospital. I was surprised she remembered because …

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Cereal Box Pencil Pots

Cereal Box Pencil Pots

Whenever it was the holidays we would always have the little boxes of cereal as a special treat for breakfast. Most of them are the same as the normal cereal a couple were really sugary or chocolately so it felt like they were really naughty. While I was staying at my parents, my mum did …

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