Back To School

September 5, 2012

Back to school

Back to school

I wasn’t expecting to feel sad. I hadn’t really given it a thought. I guess I spent so long preparing Molly for going back to school that I hadn’t thought to prepare myself. Mainly, I suppose it was the fact it’s been such a long, hard Summer. We had so many plans and didn’t manage to do half of them. The weather was bad and everything felt difficult. It seems so sad that the Summer has to end when it doesn’t feel like it started.

Anyway these are the things we did to prepare for school.

We read lots of back to school books. These are our favourites:

Back to school books

1. Lucy and Tom Go to School by Shirley Hughes

2. Wemberley Worried by Kevin henkes

3. I am absolutely too small for school by Lauren Childs

4. Going to School Sticker book by Usborne

5. Dora First day of School

6. My Friend Harry by Kim lewis

7. Harry and the dinosaurs go to school by Ian Whybrow

8. Topsy and Tim Start School by Jean and Gareth Anderson

Clothes labels

Molly labeled her school things. She chose a Tinkerbell lunch box as it is still her favourite film and was really pleased with it. I’m pretty lazy about labeling clothes: I don’t even use the iron on labels, let alone the sew on ones. Instead I prefer stick on ones. I like the fact they have a picture on them which makes them easily recognisable and you can even get labels for your shoes. It is also a good back to school activity as Molly is then in charge of her own things. She enjoyed being able to chose what sticker to go on what clothes. After all the labeling Molly tried on all her new school clothes.

sticker book


We also made a book for all the stickers and certificates she gets in school. We have done this every year and it makes a really nice record. It is a good way to build self esteem as you can look back over what she has achieved over the year. We decorated a book with pretty washi tape and added some stickers for the year. As well as this we have a folder for larger certificates and a document box for work which is good enough to keep.

Sticker book

This morning Molly was excited and looking forward to going to school. She even let me take a million photographs. The only problem was when I got home and tried to load them in the computer they had disappeared and all our photos from the week had vanished. Disaster! Perhaps my reaction was slightly disproportionate but I guess I was feeling emotional about the end of the holidays as well. i only have one back to school photo from my phone. I may have to recreate it tomorrow but it won’t be the same thing.

Back to school

The obligatory back to school photograph

So how was back to school for you?

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