Bedroom themes your children will love

July 11, 2014


One of the best ways to get your children to sleep soundly in their own room from a young age is to make it a place they love. There are plenty of things you can do to ensure their little part of the house is fun, interesting and comforting, so check out these bedroom themes your youngsters will adore.

Jungle theme

When it comes to revamping a room there are many things to consider from UK Bed Sizes to storage solutions. The good news is, once that’s all done you can get onto the exciting part – redecorating. To create a jungle theme, start by painting the walls a neutral colour such as pale brown, pale yellow or cream. Next, get hold of some bright, eye-catching wall transfers of trees, animals, hammocks and other interesting images and apply them to the walls – you’ll be amazed at how quickly the theme comes to life.

When you’ve completed the main artwork, buy some leaf stencils and paint some green foliage around the room. Finally, hunt around for some jungle inspired soft furnishings including duvets, curtains and lampshades and finish with some cuddly toys of your little one’s favourite creatures. Hey presto!

Solar system theme

If there’s one thing many kids are fascinated by it’s the solar system. The intricate makeup of the night’s sky is often mesmerising to young eyes, so wouldn’t it be cool to bring the sun, stars and planets indoors? Not only is this theme educational but it’s also fun to do as you can go to town with glow in the dark stars, planet mobiles, rocket wall murals, light-up constellations, star sign stickers, astronaut pictures and much more. You’ll find a wealth of inspiration online, so it is well worth taking a look and let your imagination run wild. You could even get the kids involved by asking them to make their own papier mache planets. They could even go all out and create the entire solar system including the eight major planets and our star, the sun.

Princess/prince theme

Whether you’ve a handsome prince or a beautiful prince (or both), wouldn’t it be cool to give them their very own palace? This theme is surprisingly easy as you can start off with typical base colours including baby pinks and blues. If you don’t want anything quite so gender typical, pale yellows on the walls also work well. There are some fantastic castle wall transfers online and you’ll even find Disney princess/prince stickers which young royalty will love. For an extra special treat you could even stencil Prince Charming or Cinderella above the bed. Can’t find the stencil you’re looking for? Then make your own! This is a quick, simple activity and you can tailor them to suit your kids.


The twins bedroom at the moment

Bedroom themes are great fun for youngsters, so go on and give one a go.

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