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February 13, 2012

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I think it’s time to admit I have a problem. I’ve known it for a while but I’ve been avoiding it, pretending it’s not there. But the time has come to speak out. To end the stigma. I’m sure I’m not alone. I’m sure there are other people who are suffering this compulsive behaviour. If we band together we can support each other.

For the past seven months I’ve been suffering this addiction to blogging. I will step forward and admit to being a blogaholic. Some people binge blog. They spend one whole night blogging three or four posts until they’re engorged. My own habit is less noticeable. It’s a little drip drip throughout the day. A blog post here, a few minutes on twitter. It’s amazing how quickly that adds up. Soon I’m posting twice a day and spending most waking moments blogging, or thinking ago blogging or talking about blogging.

I finally admitted I had a problem last week when I spent the best part of an hour cutting and pasting little pictures of spoons to make a header for a blog post. Yes it looked pretty but I had lots of other things I should have been doing. It was so unbelievably geeky I had to switch blog pages quickly when the husband came and pretend I’d been looking at an “adult site” so he didn’t realise the extent of my problem.

So what are the symptoms?

A compulsive need to blog anything interesting.
Only doing something if it’s likely to provide material for a blog post.
Checking social media while you are supposed to be doing something else.
Dark sunken eyes from staying up too late.
Neglected housework, partners or children.
Your first and last thought each day are what you’re going to blog about.
Knowing your blog stats but not your own mobile number.
Taking photos of dinner before anyone can eat it.
Your family begging you not to put someone that has just happened in a blog post.
You turn down opportunities to go out because you have a post to write.
People only know what you’re up to because they’ve read it on your blog.
You get the jitters when you can’t access a computer for a few hours.

How can Blogaholics help?

It’s easy. If you identify with any of the symptoms then add your blog to the linky below. You don’t have to write a specific post, though you can if you want to. Just link up your homepage. Go and visit a couple of fellow Blogaholics. Support them in their hour of need. If you want grab the badge, to highlight awareness of this problem then the code is below. If you can share this with you blogging friends do it any way you can. If you’re on twitter use the hashtag #blogaholics. Let them know they’re not alone.

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