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February 20, 2012

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Last week a few fellow bloggers out there saw themselves in my description of a blogaholic. Turns out it’s not just me struggling to achieve a blog/life balance. There are 27 other people out there who neglect their family in the desire for a better blog. Shame on you. I mean us. Think of the children. The poor neglected children who have to live in dirty homes, eat fish fingers every night and who crave five minutes of the time you devote to your favourite baby: blogging. Then again if it wasn’t blogging it would be something else (for all those mummy bloggers it would probably be gin). I do realise that this link up is exacerbating the problem. However we need a place where we can be ourselves, where we can stand up and say “I too have blogged until three in the morning, fueled only by coffee and comments.”

So if you want a task for next week then you can write your own twelve step program, as suggested by MidlifeSingleMum. What do you plan to do to stop blogging completely taking over your life? Please tell me, I need to know, I mean the readers need to know. You can of course just link up your homepage.

All you have to do to become to join the blogaholic club is link up your homepage below. Try to visit a few other blogaholics. Grab a badge and tweet using the hashtags #blogaholics or #twitterholics to let others join the cause.

blogaholics badge


I thought it was only fair to include a hop for all those twitterholics out there (not just because I want some more twitter followers, honest). This is for those people who love to converse in 140 characters or less. Who write lol, wtf, and tbh as if they were real words. Who update their status before they text their family. Who only do something if it is enclosed in *’s. It is for those of you who have been sent to twitter jail or who have two twitter accounts because they find they regularly tweet more than 100 times an hour. I know you’re out there people. No need to be ashamed anymore.

Link up your twitter homepage and grab the badge below. I’m sure no one will judge you for it. After all there are worse things to be addicted to. And speaking of facebook, shall I add that next week?


I am linking this to Snap Slappers at FiveGoBlogging. As you can probably tell the images have been heavily edited! No idea how I’ll do it when picnik goes.

Five Go Blogging Snap Slappers


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