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December 6, 2013

The Wire box set

It’s my 10th wedding anniversary shortly after Christmas and my thoughts keep turning to that road trip we always said we would take. We didn’t go on our honeymoon for 6 months after the wedding but saved up and then travelled across America, going to New York, Vegas and San Francisco. We didn’t have long and so travelled from place to place by plane but we always talked about how we would love to get a hire car in the USA and go on a road trip to really get a feel for the country.

Things have changed in the ten years we have been married and the places we would visit are slightly different. We have spent a lot of our married life immersed in DVD boxsets and the places we would like to visit are now to do with these rather than historical landmarks or areas of natural beauty. So here are the places we would like to go based on our favourite TV series.

1. Washington (The West Wing)

Well this would be on our list anyway I think – going to visit the set of power is a must do. We did actually stop in Washington on our honeymoon but it was only to change planes. I also visited when I did Camp America but this would be different. Of course a trip to the White House would be essential. Perhaps a tour round the Oval Office is a long shot but how fantastic would it be to walk very fast through the corridors talking very fast about politics in a witty and upbeat manner?Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 14.58.09

2. New Jersey (The Sopranos)

How cool would it be to drive from the Lincoln Tunnel through the tollbooth for the New Jersey Turnpike  reenacting the opening credits to The Sopranos? Probably my favourite. After that would be a quick stop at The Bada-Bing – the *ahem*  Gentlemen’s club owned by Tony Soprano. Lunch would be at the bakery where Chris removes a grumpy clerk’s toe.

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 14.59.46

3. Albuquerque (Breaking Bad)

I am still mourning the last episode of Breaking Bad. It was great while it lasted but a stop in Albuquerque would bring it to life. Of course we would have to go for dinner at the Los Pollos Hermanos fast food restaurant – at least we wouldn’t need to book a table. A quick trip to the A1 car wash would ensure our hire car was in great condition and ensure an A1 day. I don’t think we will be needing the services of Saul Barrington but it would be great to see  the “Better Call Saul” sign just in case.

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 14.57.52

4. Baltimore (The Wire)

Probably my favourite TV series because it was so much like a novel. I am sure there are many beautiful locations in Baltimore but we would head straight for the the street in West Baltimore where Snot Boogie was found dead in the series opener. After that a tour of the docks and the law courts taking in the police station and the Major Crimes Unit HQ. The trip would finish with a tour of the low rises and the projects.

The Wire box set

5. Charlotte in North Carolina (Homeland)

This is our current TV series and the reason I am so tired as we have to stay up to watch just one more episode! A bit of luxury this time visiting the Brody house and Elizabeth Gaines’ Mansion as well as a quick peek at the CIA Headquarters – don’t think we’ll be taking any photos there!

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 14.58.24

I couldn’t choose everywhere we would like to visit. We would need to fit in Charming in California to see the Sons of Anarchy MC club and I would love to visit King’s Landing in Westeros from Game of Thrones, if only I could find it on a map.

Anyway realistically we can’t afford to do it  this year so it looks like my second choice of a road trip visiting locations from Jane Austen costume dramas it is then! First stop Bath.

So which TV series location would you most like to visit?

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