Breakfast In Bed

With two overly energetic twins to watch over, breakfast in bed has become a rare treat. So, when my parents offered to take the two of them off my hands for the weekend, both my husband and I jumped at the chance to spend a little ‘undisturbed’ time together.

Don’t get me wrong, the twins are great and I adore watching them run riot in the household. However, my partner and I rarely get a minute together. Evening dinners become a whirlwind, bedtimes are now a game of jack-in-the-box and mornings begin at 5am if we’re lucky.


Although we missed their ‘sometimes’ annoying little traits – all part of becoming a parent – we used these sporadic few days to recoup, unwind and switch off. Well ‘fully’ switch off may be a slight exaggeration, the hubby caught me on the phone to my mother at least four times a day, only to check in on the little ones of course.

Friday evening was spent dining alfresco. This weekend’s weather has been just glorious and we couldn’t fathom spending too long inside. We barbequed up a feast, opened a bottle of wine and watched the sun set in the distance. As darkness rolled in, we retired in front of the TV. This is possibly the first time we’ve watched a good film in a long while – or at least one that doesn’t consist of cartoon characters and excessively animated voices.

With no human or electronic alarm clock to worry about, we didn’t rise until 10am! All I can say is we must have needed the sleep. This was our chance for breakfast in bed. In preparation, I’d stocked up on croissants, freshly baked scones, a variety of lovely jams and several new T Discs for my Tassimo coffee maker. I must say that this is one of my best buys this year, as I use it almost on a daily basis. Now that the kids are at pre-school, I’ve met a few of the mums at the local nursery. We’ve decided that Tuesdays are a good day for a catch-up – Mondays are far too hectic after all. My new friends have as much admiration for my coffee machine as I do. It also boasts several flavours of tea and hot chocolate.

It now takes pride of place in the kitchen, and time out with a coffee is the one thing that keeps me sane on a hectic morning.

Disclaimer: This is a guest post

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