Brits Share their Beds With More than Just Duvets

In the lead up to the heating season, Honeywell – one of the leading manufacturers of heating controls; and Allergy UK – the UK’s leading charity dedicated to helping allergy sufferers in the UK have joined forces to reveal that the temperature at which people keep their homes has a direct impact on the allergens which spread within them.

We think this is really interesting, as many homeowners are concerned about the cost of the heating bills, but don’t realise that keeping the temperature of their homes too high actually has other implications.  Dust mites breed in temperatures of 21°c and above and 80% of children are allergic to house dust mites, as research shows that 52% of homeowners keep their bedroom as the hottest room in the house so they can bear getting out of bed in the morning, with more than a third heating it to 22 degrees or higher, we may be sharing our beds with a lot more than just our duvets and pillows!

I have pasted more information below and also added our info graphic which we have developed with lots of interesting facts and figures about temperature and allergens in the home.  We thought that this might be something that you would be interested in for you blog?

You can also watch the Honeywell and Allergy UK video for more details here:


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