Bubble Popper Fidget Toy Birthday Cake

June 28, 2021

Fidget Popper Rainbow Cake next to the toy that inspired it
Bubble Popper Birthday Cake
Bubble popper fidget rainbow cake

I knew exactly what I wanted to make Rose as her birthday cake this year. She loves fidget toys and her favourite is the rainbow bubble poppers which are the craze of 2021. This was top of her list as a present so I knew she would want one as a cake. I was really pleased as it was actually pretty easy.

Ingredients for Bubble Popper Birthday Cake

Temperature: 350° F (170 °C)

12 oz butter

12 oz of sugar

6 eggs

14 oz of self raising flour

1 tsp of vanilla essence

fondant – rainbow colours

Fondant – white

vanilla buttercream


fidget popper sensory toy birthday cake
Proudly showing off her Bubble Popper Fidget cake

Instructions for Bubble Popper Birthday Cake

This is an easy cake top make which turns out dense enough to carve. Mix all the ingredients together and baked in a deep 24cm pan at 350° F (170 °C) for around 35 minutes until golden brown.

Once cooled you can decorate. Cover with a layer of butter cream then a layer of white fondant icing. This means you won’t be able to see the cake in between the rainbow colours.

Bubble popper fidget cake laid out on a table
Bubble popper fidget cake laid out on a table

Mix rainbow coloured fondant in the same colours as your smarties. Roll long pieces of fondant and cut into straight strips about 2 cm wide. They should be the width of the cake. Stick onto the cake using water.

Start placing the Smarties from the middle of the cake ensuring they are evenly placed. Make an indent using the Smarties. Put a little buttercream in the indent so the smarties stick.

Bubble popper fidget toy birthday cake next to the real thing!
Bubble popper fidget toy birthday cake next to the real thing!

The cake looked so bright and cheerful and would work even if you are not a fidget toy fan. It would be wonderful as a pride cake. The only thing I wasn’t happy with was the slight gaps in between the different coloured fondant.

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