Can You Make Your Own E-Liquid For Vaping? 

June 24, 2021

The vaping industry is growing at what is seems to be an exponential rate. What started as a fad, as many put it, has demonstrated strong traction among the general public. Increasingly more people are indeed switching to this alternative to smoking. And they have their reasons. The popularity of vaping also means that there is increasing emphasis on the quality of products sold. People are becoming more aware of the importance of selecting the right products. Still, many vapers want to produce their e-liquids at home. This trend started as restrictions on some products were raised but is more dangerous than many think.

While making your e-juice might sound convenient and more economical, the reality is that it often comes with several disadvantages. What many don’t tell you is that making your juices can be extremely frustrating. Not only that, it might even be harmful, especially when you don’t use the right ingredients of mixing tools. To answer the question, YES, you can make your e-liquid for vaping, but at what cost? Shouldn’t you make the most out of your vaping experience and invest in some good quality products instead? If you are looking for reputable brands online, try out someone like Aquavape who have the experience and reviews to put your mind at rest.

In this essential guide, we decided to highlight why you should consider purchasing the best quality products and ditch the DIY versions. Not only for your safety but also for a better, more enjoyable vaping experience.

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What Are E-liquids?

Before we get deeper into the debate, we should first define, for all the new vapers out there, what e-liquids are. If you are already familiar with the concept, you can skip and directly get to the next section.

E-liquids consist mainly of three to four ingredients: PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin), and sometimes nicotine. PG is responsible for the feeling of throat hit you’d get from traditional cigarettes. VG enhances flavour and contributes to the production of vapour. To put it simply, VG provides you with a sweet taste, while PG gives you the traditional “hit” on your taste buds.

The flavouring of e-juices is varied, and you can choose from several combinations. Making your e-liquid limits the flavouring experience but might also result in poor-quality juices.

In general, high-quality devices are safer for your health as they are often certified or manufactured in highly controlled environments.

The Benefits of Buying High-Quality E-liquids

Before you start, you must ensure your products come from reliable and trustworthy sellers or manufacturers only. Those products always contain better quality nicotine, without the peppery aftertaste typical of poor quality juices. The experience a good e-liquid should provide you is tasty and smooth, as the flavours are highly crafted and made with professional processes. Keep in mind that not all e-liquids are safe to use. Some contain questionable ingredients that might endanger your health.

High-quality products allow you to choose your preferred nicotine concentration, which might help you to quit smoking. Having complete control over your intake of nicotine is something you should value.

Why Shouldn’t You Do It Yourself?

E-liquids should be left to professionals. They know how juices work and value their customers’ safety. Making e-juice at home is a complex process that involves scientists and chemists. No matter how much you are passionate about vaping, you cannot compete with professional scientists that know what they are doing!

As mentioned, the main driver that lures vapers to create their e-liquid is the cost factor. Many think that making your products takes away the expense of regularly buying refills. However, if you reflect upon it, the hassle and the possible danger posed to your health are not worth the little money-saving.

Mixing your vaping liquid at home might cause lung illnesses and even skin diseases, as it requires you to handle dangerous chemicals and liquid nicotine. Since most vapers are not professional scientists, there is a high risk of miscalculating the concentration of liquids and cause serious harm to users. Inhaling the wrong substances directly to your lungs might damage your respiratory system, and it is not something to be taken lightly.

How to Choose the Best E-liquid Flavor

Of course, selecting the best flavour depends on personal preferences. The good news is that you have hundreds of flavour combinations and brands to choose from. If you feel overwhelmed by the many options, you might want to consider walking down to a vape store. Getting samples of the varieties will help you gain an idea of what you may try. You can even carry some research and ask around your friends to find your best options to overcome the daunting task of choosing among the numerous variety of tastes.

Aside from the flavour, nicotine strength and VG/PG ratio also play a role. We briefly mentioned it before, but the VG/PG ratio controls the density and the taste of your vaping experience. Depending on what you are looking for, high VG, low VG, or even 50/50 blends might be for you. Plus, if you are on a budget, price and value for money are relevant factors. Of course, you should never go for the cheapest option, as that often means worse quality too.

The Bottom Line

The short answer to the question “should I make my e-liquids at home?” is NO. While it is feasible and many people advise you on the Internet to do so, DIY solutions do not guarantee basic safety standards.

Focus your energies on finding professional providers that are certified, and only use high-quality ingredients.

Prices vary a lot, and among the huge variety and options, selecting the right products might be difficult. As a rule of thumb, consider the price reflecting the quality of the ingredients used to make your e liquids. That does not mean that you must spend a fortune on your vaping products, but rather, that you should be mindful about what ingredients you are about to inhale into your lungs. Quality and safety when vaping should be your top priorities.

Hopefully, with this guide, you now have a better idea about the disadvantage and the danger of doing your liquids at home, despite how fun it might seem. Double-check your sources and enjoy safe, high-quality vaping sessions!

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