Cannabis Edibles- A Buying Guide For Beginners 

February 14, 2021

The legal status of cannabis has resulted in an uptick in its popularity. As a beginner, you will be surprised to see the sheer variety in dispensary menus. The options are endless, from the herb to oils and tinctures, topical creams and lotions, and edibles. The edible category at gets you excited if you want to relish cannabis in delicious and variant forms. 

You can opt for cakes, brownies, and cookies if you love baked products, while chocolates, gummies, and candies are also worth a try. Exciting as the idea of experimenting with these products sounds, they can get overwhelming for newbies because dosing them is often tricky. Before you buy and try, here are some tips to help you pick the best and enjoy them without worrying about getting high.

Know the potency of the edible

Nailing the THC dose will be your prime concern because too little will make the product fall short on the experience front, and too much can get you high. THC dosing requires skill as you need to achieve a consistent dose across each serving of the edible. It makes sense to go through the product labels and find the THC content in the entire product. Further, you need to calculate the amount in every serving by dividing the whole by the serving size. Once you get the number, you have a clear idea of potency in your single serving.

Stick to safe doses

If you are a beginner with edibles, you need to be extra sure about safe dosing. The recommended dose for newbies is 1-5 milligrams of THC. It may seem like a tiny amount, considering that the product could weigh 20 grams. But with baked marijuana goods, less is more, and you should look for pleasant relief rather than a hard hit with high THC levels. Even as you get more experience with the goodies, stick to a 10 mg dose for a safe experience. 

Check the ingredients

A smart buyer will not just fall for attractive packaging and fancy names. You also need to check the ingredients carefully before picking an edible. Ensure that you go through the ingredient list carefully whether you buy online or pick the product from the store shelves. If you find a fancy or unusual name on the list, check it with the budtender or research the internet. You need to know what you are paying for, even if it requires you to invest some effort.

Price matters too

Whether you are a first-timer with edibles or a seasoned buyer, the price will always matter. Even as you may want affordable products, never compromise with quality because it decides the experience. Spending a tad more is a good idea because a higher price often means better weed, quality ingredients, and a pleasant high.

Although your first trip with edible shopping may sound baffling, you can easily learn with time. Buying from a trusted dispensary that deals in quality products and brands gives you an advantage, so always stick to one even if you understand your edibles well enough.

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