balloon ice ball

No-Snow Snowman For Kids

Do you want to make a snowman for Christmas? This post will tell you how. After all one of the most popular images on a Christmas card is a snowman. They symbolise Christmas. Here’s our No-Snow Snowman for kids craft. There is one big problem with this: for the majority of people across the world …

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pig pictures by 2 year olds

Design a Pig

Are you looking for something fun and creative to do over the weekend? This might be just what you are looking for. To take part we were sent a bumper set of craft materials in a really fantastic piggy bag. The girls couldn’t wait to get hold of them and had so much fun making …

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Halloween snow globe

Halloween Discovery Bottle

A Halloween Discovery Bottle – or rather a snow globe with leaves for Halloween. A lovely sensory toy for toddlers and young children

How to Make a Diva for Diwali

How to Make a Diva for Diwali

Arts and crafts are such a brilliant way to bring religion alive for children. They get to make something concrete and it gives you such a great chance to talk about the religion. I always find conversations are really interesting when you are making something together. Your hands are busy creating but your mind is …

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Cardboard Box Train

Last week I was cutting out two circles – one for a giant spider and one for a shield for an Avengers costume out of a large cardboard box. When they were cut out I noticed that the rest of the box looked just like a tunnel. So rather than finish making the things we …

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Spider Pumpkin

What better thing to make to celebrate Halloween than a pumpkin shaped like a giant spider?

Chicka Chicka 1 2 3

The author for The Virtual Book club is Lois Ehlert. Unfortunately the book I ordered didn’t arrive so I am using Chicka, Chicka 1 2 3 which he illustrated. This is such a lovely book though and it was easy to think of activities to go with it. I love that it is a fiction …

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Outside painting

Create A Giant Painting Outside

If you hate mess look away! If you’re one of those people who get palpitations at the sight of a toddler with a paintbrush then this activity isn’t for you.

cardboard box bus

Cardboard Box London Bus

It’s taken us months to finish this cardboard box London Bus. We started making it in the easter holidays but just never got round to making the finishing touches. We started with two cereal boxes. I cut one down the middle and the other is about 3cm on one side going to about 5cm on …

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olympics activities for Kids

Olympic Crafts for Kids

Here are lots of fun Olympic Crafts for Kids from ourselves and other bloggers. Opening ceremony Olympic Crafts for Kids This pin board with mini flag pins looks a great way to learn map skills. Olympic Games for Kids I love the look of these edible Olympic medals, there are also bracelets to make and …

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hama beads - boat

Hama Beads Craft

An Amazing Holiday Does your child enjoy Hama beads? This competition will be perfect for them, especially with all the wet weather we’ve been having. We had a lot of fun with Hama beads a couple of years ago playing with the large toddler sized ones. I had seen the small ones in the shop …

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Cardboard box castle

Cardboard box castle

Here is our cardboard box castle. This castle is perfect for a queen or princess to play with. It is quite girly, but you could easily change the colours and make it fit any story you like. We used a box a bit bigger than a shoe box. We decorated the box with glittery foam, …

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cupcake play dough

Fairy Homemade Play dough

Is homemade play dough better? Here is our first experiment with the soft stuff. Some lovely sparkly fairy play dough, perfect for making fairies and fairy cakes. But will we go back to the bought stuff?

fairy toadstalls

Tooth Fairy toadstools

I’m not entirely sure why we decided to make fairy toadstools. Molly wanted somewhere for the tooth fairy to stay when she comes to visit and I saw some salad bowls in the exact shape to fit a toadstool. We will probably use it as part of the table decoration at her Magic themed party …

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The Rainbow Fish header

Rainbow Fish Costume

 This is the Rainbow Fish costume we made for World Book Day. I am not the best at sewing but this is something even I could do without too much stress. It took one evening to make and was very cheap to make.  What You Will Need To Make Your Rainbow Fish Costume Rainbow coloured …

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Lollypop Stick Puppets

Here are the lollypop stick puppets made for our cardboard box puppet theatre.  They are made from:  felt card foam lollypop sticks stickers PVA glue googly eyes

Fabric painted t-shirts

What? Wednesday is here and I wanted to design some T-shirts for my twins in order to advertise the old blog. I tried  sticky notes last week but they didn’t last so I wanted something a bit harder for little fingers to remove. I know I’ve gone a little off the original idea which is to …

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Cardboard Box Police Car

The cardboard box which our latest pram came in has been sitting in the kitchen for over a month. The children have had so much fun jumping on it and hiding inside, but this week it was finally time to do something with it. I asked my daughter what she wanted to make with it …

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