Make fairy blossom bead curtains

Fairy blossom bead curtains. A pretty decoration for a bedroom or for a party and a great way to use up any beads which are left over from making bracelets.

How to make a spin painting

Spin painting is a fun way to make a mess – and explore colour and texture in paint – but mainly make a mess.

Fairy Garden Discovery Bottle

Fun discovery bottles shaped like fairy gardens. This is a lovely sensory experience for children who love fairies. You could add different toys inside if you want to.

Make your own Fabric Painted Bags

I have seen printing using celery on pinterest. I think it’s the new potato printing. It’s very easy, just cut off the bottom of the celery and it forms a lovely rose pattern. I wanted to print something large to work as a design for some bags to store...

Lollypop stick Puppets

Here are the lollypop stick puppets made for our cardboard box puppet theatre. They are made from:feltcardfoamlollypop sticksstickersPVA gluegoogly eyesSome of these are print outs from the computer or made from a craft pack, the rest are from Molly’s...