Halloween Discovery Bottle

A Halloween Discovery Bottle – or rather a snow globe with leaves for Halloween. A lovely sensory toy for toddlers and young children

Sunday Showcase: Halloween Messy Play

Halloween is the perfect time for messy play. There are so many opportunities for messy and yucky play time activities. Here are a few from last week’s Sunday Showcase.

Pumpkin Play dough – Guest post

Oooh look – I’m popping up all over the place. This time on B-Inspired Mama with my pumpkin play dough. We loved making these.

The Sunday Showcase – Sensory Play

Young children love sensory play – the messier the better. This week I’m featuring six brilliant ideas so the messiest, muddiest, stickiest play you can imagine. Kids will love it and as it is contained in a plastic tub really how messy can you get? Then again, have you met my twins?