Cewe Photobook Review

A Review of the Cewe Photobook – a high quality, highly personalised book – perfect for a present or special event.

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday – 1 picture, no words
366 Project – 1 picture every day all year

Baby swimming in a Santa hat

This week I wanted to show a special photo edited for the person who landed on my blog searching for “swimming baby in Santa hat”. Ok you probably won’t visit again but if you do, this one’s for you. If you want to know how it’s done.1....

Using Picnik to enhance your photos

I love digital cameras. Photographing children is hard, they wriggle and get bored, look away, blink, pull stupid faces, do anything except look at the camera. With a digital camera you can take loads of pictures and it doesn’t waste any ink. Out of 50 pictures...

Editing Photographs – fairy magic

Just a very quick post about editing photographs, as I’m supposed to be doing the ironing – yawn. The delectable Five Go Blogging has been showing how you can transform a photo using picnic, a free internet program. I have only used this to resize my...