Christmas books advent calendar shaped like Santa

November 23, 2016

Christmas books advent calendar

My favourite tradition for Christmas is to create an advent calendar of books and DVDs. It is so much better than chocolate or toys. I would love to say this year I have been really organised and already wrapped the books and decorated them but this is actually from last year.

Christmas books advent calendar

I have a couple of ideas for this year so you will have to keep an eye on Instagram to see what we make.


I first saw the idea of wrapping books and opening them every day at advent on My Little Bookcase. I had a huge collection of Christmas books and it seemed such a lovely idea to unwrap them every day. I loved the idea of making them look really pretty so they become a part of the Christmas decorations. Last year I knew I wanted to make a Santa out of the books and films. This was perfect because you can easily see which are films and which are books.


To make a Santa Christmas Books Advent Calendar you need:

  • 25 Christmas book
  • Red and white wrapping paper
  • Googly eyes
  • paper plate
  • red pom pom
  • cotton wool
  • Santa hat

Wrap the books in red and the DVDs in white or pink. Stack the red in a pile getting smaller towards the top. Add a neat pile of DVDs on the top.

Stick googly eyes onto the front.

Put the Santa hat on top.

To make the beard use a paper plate cut into a beard shape. Leave a flap to stick in between the books. Decorate with a pom pom nose and lots of fluffy white cotton wool.

Put the paper plate beard in between the books and DVDS

Santa themed advent calendar of books

Then simply unwrap one a day at bedtime and enjoy some snuggly Christmas story times.


Books about Father Christmas

Here is a list of our favourite Father Christmas books.

The Night Before Christmas by Clement CY Moore

Dear Santa by Alan Durant

Dear Santa by Rod Campbell

How Santa Really Works by Alan Snow

Father Christmas Needs a Wee by Nicholas Allen

Hey Santa by Julie Sykes

Santa’s Busy Day (Board book)

Father Christmas by Raymond Briggs

DVDs about Father Christmas

Father Christmas

Santa Claus the Movie

Do you have any favourite book or films about Father Christmas?

Advent calendar of books and films shaped like Father Christmas

Save for later!

Christmas books advent calendar



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