Cra-Z-Sand Deluxe Pony Playset

July 31, 2016

Cra-Z-Sand Pony Playset

I am always looking for new materials for sensory play. Sand has to be the girls’ favourite thing to play with, it is so versatile and you can make anything you want to. But with Cra-Z-Sand it has got even better. Not only is it bright and colourful but also it is glittery. We were sent the lovely Cra-Z-Sand Pony Playset to review. The girls really loved this pretty set and had hours of fun playing with it.


The nest thing about the pony playset is that it comes with so much sand. You get 2 packs of pink, 2 packs of white and a lovely blue sand. All of them shimmer and sparkle with the glitter inside. As well as this you get a plastic bowl to play with the sand, two pony moulds and a prize pedestal mould as well as a tool to help you make your creations. This is the perfect present as it has everything you need in the box.


Of course, while it is true children all seem to love sand, adults hate it in equal measure. It gets everywhere and is so messy. Cra-Z-Sand does not have this problem as it is relatively mess free. Of course, children will spill some out of the container but even when this did happen it was really easy to sweep up as it stays in little clumps and doesn’t go everywhere.


You don’t need water to mould the sand.Although it flows through your hands, you can still mould it together to form your own creations, or use the pony moulds to make horses. You can even make tiny accessories for your ponies, like rosettes and bows for their hair. On the box, it looks like the ponies are standing independently, the girls were a little disappointed as we couldn’t get our creations to stand like that. they loved the way they looked though and it created a 2D picture.


The Delux Pony Playset is really easy to use and is suitable for children aged 4+. The twins aged 6 could make the ponies without help and I think younger children would really love the soft silky feeling of the sand.


The Pony Play set is a good size and while perfect for one child to play on their own, it is big enough for a couple of children to play together. It encourages collaborative play, the girls made up little stories about their ponies winning prizes and after they had finished with the mould they enjoyed making their own designs. 


If you combine the colours then you get a lovely sparkly purple colour.  Costing £19.99 this provided several hours of fun on just the first day. You can play with the sand again and again. Go to Character Options to find out about the full range of products.

Also new to the range…

  • Glitter Fish Playset RRP £14.99
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  • There is an Argos exclusive Glitter Mermaids set RRP £19.99 

Products in the range start at just £4.99


Disclaimer: We were sent the playset for the purposes of this review

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