Different kinds of adventurous family holiday

June 24, 2019

Kids are not kids for as long as they used to be, so parents are trying harder and harder to give them truly life-changing experiences at a younger age. You’ve probably already taken them to Disneyland and the beach though. So, maybe it’s time to show them something a little different? Here, we’ll provide you with a few options that might make you think differently about your next family holiday.

Camping/Glamping – A hiking holiday has a number of benefits: It’s cost-effective, it’s healthy and it can be an incredibly satisfying bonding experience for many families. There are camping opportunities located across the globe, but even in the UK, there are hundreds of options for families that don’t mind getting their hands dirty. For those who prefer their creature comforts, meanwhile, how about a ‘glamping’ experience? All the benefits of camping with none of the leaky tents and all the luxury of a modern hotel.camping

Cycling – A family cycling holiday transforms the often laborious part of holidaying (the travelling itself) into the main event! There can be few things as freeing as the concept of just setting off on a bike and throwing the map away (to a degree). You might want to keep your smartphones fully charged though!

Safari – A little more of an expense, but an experience your family will never forget. A trip to South Africa is not quite the ‘risk’ that it once was and whilst there, you would be foolish to pass up the opportunity of going on a proper safari. Whilst you might be able to take your kids to the zoo or the local safari park back at home, there are few experiences that compare to the giddy thrill of seeing lions, tigers and plenty more besides in their natural habitat.

City break – The city break was once the sole respite of the lovestruck couple and the young group of friends, but modern cities are packed with activities that will keep even the youngest of kids entertained on family city break holidays. There is also a great opportunity to expose them to some culture, which should never be overlooked!

Staycation – Finally, why even go through the hassle of going away at all when there’s so much do to on your doorstep? So many families completely neglect their own cities or even their own countries when it comes to vacationing opportunities. So, fire up Google and see what adventures await you in your own backyard!


As you can see, there are many adventurous options to consider and there are plenty of companies online dedicated to delivering this unique vacations. Exodus Travels, for example, offer a range of less conventional holiday options, ranging from exotic adventure to Costa Rica to treks up Kilimanjaro (perhaps not recommended for young families!) and idyllic tours of Italy’s Amalfi coast. The holidays are there if you’re willing to look for them and your family will undoubtedly be begging you for another adventure next year!

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