Dream Bedroom

Designing a dream bedroom is not very difficult for me. I spend most of my time dreaming about bed – not in that way – sheesh! The last three years since the twins were born I find myself thinking about going back to bed with increasing regularity. It may only be 7.15 and I might  already be on my fifth cup of tea but I am already imaging that delicious feeling of slipping between the covers.

The only problem is my bedroom is hardly an oasis of calm. We have never really decorated it so it is full of bits and bobs of mismatched furniture, which used to belong somewhere else. So my dream doesn’t actually include my bedroom at all. Instead I imagine a grown up retreat – full of modern glamourous pieces. It would have stripped down walls and a few with bold accessories, which add just a touch of fun. A vast, comfortable and stylish bed is a must (so much that I actually included it twice in the pictures. Oops! I told you I think about bed a lot). I wanted my love of cameras to come in and for that reason I’ve included the fun camera ;light and the wall art which I love. All in all it is a comfortable space to hide from the kids  relax and read a book or catch up with a bit of blogging. An d of course the really important thing – sleeeeeeeeeep!
dream bedroom 1

Black ‘Colorado’ leather bed frame £702

Near black ‘Millennia’ bed linen £259 and Pillow Case £39.00

Designer black ‘Be Nice’ cushion £20.00

Designer light blue geometric applique cushion  £32.00 x2

Belfast 5 Light Ceiling Light Pendant £299

Mirrored ‘Solar’ 2 door sliding wardrobe £954

Silver ‘Louis’ Large Metal Trunk £288


dream bedroom 2


Mirrored dressing table £240

Designer orange rhombus wool rug £144

Grey camera lamp £55

Grey square layered mirror £104

Magnetic Camera wall art £20.00

Green small ‘Hove’ sofa £568


Total: £3756


 Which just leaves a bit of short change for one of these bad boys!

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 14.49.30

Apple MacBook Air £959.00

This is my entry into the Debenhams Dream Bedroom competition judged by the lovely design gurus Mammasurus and Love Chick Living 

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