Easter Crackers Craft

March 1, 2015

Easter table decoration

My favourite Easter craft we made last year was our Easter Crackers. I think I must have made them just before Easter because for some reason I never actually wrote about them. At Christmas last year I made some snow globe Christmas crackers. These were so cute and even won me a prize! I knew I had to make an Easter version.

Easter crackers

Annoyingly I don’t have pictures of the whole process. I was intending to make some more. However, if you look at my previous post you will see a full step by step.

Transparent crackers for easter

What you need:

  • Cellophane
  • Acetate
  • yarn
  • ribbon (Easter colours)
  • glitter and sequins (gold looks lovely)
  • chocolate easter eggs
  • Easter chicks

easter crackers with mini chicks

The basic idea is that you need a clear roll of plastic. You can sometimes find these as packaging but I used a rectangle of acetate rolled into a thin tube.

Then add your Easter treats into the middle.

Cut a slightly larger rectangle of cellophane, you can get these at florists or sometimes for wrapping presents.

If you have a perforation cuter you can make a cut down both sides of the cellophane where the ribbon will go. This means the cracker will open when you pull it. If you don’t then you can still open the ribbon end.

Wrap the acetate tube in the cellophane.

Tie the ends with ribbon bow.

We finished with an Easter egg sticker.

Easter table decoration

These are fun to make with the children or you can make them as a surprise. They make pretty table settings for an Easter lunch or tea.

Easter crackers

The girls were delighted with their crackers. They enjoyed counting up to see how many chicks and eggs they had.

Easter crackers

This is one of my favourite photos from last year, mainly I know that Charlotte was sitting just out of shot, underneath the cracker ready to the goodies when they fell. You can just see the top of her head in the second photo!

Easter crackers

The Easter Crackers made such a lovely addition to our table when we had an Easter lunch of boiled eggs and carrot shaped soldiers.

Easter lunch for kids

Pin for later!Easter egg crackers. A fun way to decorate the Easter table.

Christmas Crackers

Snow globe crackers

Valentine’s Day Crackers
Valentine's crackers

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