Easter Suncatcher Cards

I like a card which doubles up as something else. The girls like making bead suncatchers and bracelets and I thought they would be really pretty for Easter. It is a greta craft for practicing fine motor skills and is great for little ones who fine it hard to thread onto string as you use pipe cleaners which are stiffer and so easier to thread.
Easter suncatchers

The other thing I like about this is that it uses so few materials and is really mess free (as long as you don’t drop the beads!).

To make the Easter suncatchers:

  • pony beads in Spring colours
  • letter beads
  • pipe cleaners
  • ribbon
  • card

Easter suncatchers

The preparation is really simple. I just set out the materials and bent the pipe cleaners into an egg shape. The girls then threaded the pony beads onto the pipe cleaners. They needed a bit of help to make the letters spell out Easter the right was round.

Easter fine motor skills

The finished egg shape looks really pretty. We used a pattern with the colours but you could just thread them randomly and it would look just as nice.

Easter suncatchers

After that we tied on some ribbon and hung it in front of the window where it looked really pretty as it caught the light.

Easter suncatchers


You could make a few all saying different things.

Easter beads

After that we turned them into a card so we could send them to relatives. All we did was tape the Easter suncatcher onto a piece of card.

Easter suncatchers

It looked really pretty as a card although it would be a bit heavy to send through the post.

Easter bead card

After we finished Charlotte had a great idea to make a chick. The girls have had chicks at school and have loved watching them hatch from an egg.


Easter chick craft

Charlotte chose lots of yellow pony beads to make her chick. We only just had enough.

Easter fine motor skills

I made two circles using yellow pipe cleaners and she threaded the beads on, using a gold bead for its eye. Then we used orange pipe cleaners to make the beak and feet.
Easter bead card

This one does not hang up so well but does make a cute card. We also used some Easter foam stickers to finish it off.

Easter cards for kids


All in all the cards took about half an hour to make and will add a little Spring colour to any window or mantlepiece.

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