Enchanted Christmas Kingdom at Hatton Country World

November 27, 2016

Christmas at Hatton Country World

Hatton Country World is of our favourite family days out in the West Midlands. For some reason, we have never visited at Christmas so we were really looking forward to it. We were invited to visit on the opening day of the Enchanted Christmas Kingdom.
Hatton Country World Enchanted Christmas Kingdom

When we arrived we were delighted by the Christmas decorations marking the way. There was a Christmas market in Hatton Shopping Village and the sweet shop looked really lovely decked with lights. It had the charm of a Victorian Christmas with a stall selling roasted chestnuts.


We were lucky to have visited on a clear day, although it was cold. You definitely need to wrap up warm. Most of the outdoor attractions are still open during the Christmas season. They are moved closer to the buildings so you don’t have to walk as far. The girls loved riding on the funfair rides.

riding the teacups at Hatton Country World

They also enjoyed the tractor rides. One of the best things for us has been trying new things. The twins have never been interested in riding a bike and have really struggled to learn how to do it. At Hatton, they love riding the tractors and have finally mastered turning the pedals. They have also got so brave going on heights. Last time we visited they went on the bouncy slide for the first time and were so excited. In the animal enclosure, Scales and Tales, they stroked a beautiful amber snake. It’s lovely to see them gaining confidence and trying new things.

Father Christmas out of hay bales

I really love the cute hay bale decorations around the grounds. There is a Father Christmas  and a couple of lovely snowmen.
snowman out of hay bales

The geese in the background seem to like them. There is also an enclosure with reindeer, as well as all the normal farm animals. We were pleased to see how big the piglets had grown since our trip during half term.

tractor rides at Hatton Country World

As it was cold, we spent a lot of time in Snokey’s Play Barn. This is a fun soft play area with lots of slides and ball pits to explore. This is brilliant for the older children as there is a drop slide which is really scary. The girls had an amazing time whizzing down the rainbow slide.

rainbow slide at Hatton Country World

It is also a good place to warm up with a hot chocolate and a warm lunch.

After lunch, it was time to see the man in red. You are given a time slot when you arrive and this means the queue is really short.


The entrance to the grotto is really lovely with lots of snow and cute elves and penguins. If you went during a particularly busy time and did have to wait then you would have lots to look at.


The visit to see Father Christmas was lovely and you don’t feel at all rushed. Santa was very jolly and friendly and knew the girls’ names and what they liked. Charlotte was really excited because Santa said, “I know you believe in magic.” She spent the rest of the day asking how he knew. There wasn’t an official photograph so make sure you take one.

meeting Santa at Hatton Country World

Father Christmas then did a bit of magic and in his special naughty and nice book he magicked up three golden keys.

 Hatton Country World Enchanted Christmas Kingdom

The keys meant the girls could choose a present from the secret gift shop. They were amazed by all the lovely toys on offer. It was a long decision-making process but they finally decided on their presents.

 Hatton Country World Enchanted Christmas Kingdom

We then had a lovely time in the craft tent. You could write a letter to father Christmas and post it in the post box outside. The postbox says you will receive a reply too.

craft tent at Hatton Country World Enchanted Christmas Kingdom

There are lots of different craft ideas to try and lots of space so you can spend a long time happily making things.

craft tent at Hatton Country World Enchanted Christmas Kingdom

The girls made a Christmas tree from craft sticks. I love how it looked.

craft tent at Hatton Country World Enchanted Christmas Kingdom

The sun was setting as we finished our day. Hatton Country World looked lovely lit up with fairy lights.

Sunset over Hatton Country World

We were treated to an amazing sunset over the beautiful Warwickshire countryside. The perfect end to the perfect day. It was a wonderful way to start the Christmas season.

Sunset over Hatton Country World

Disclaimer: We were given a family ticket to Hatton Country World

family days out

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