Fairy Fun – 40+ fantastic fairy ideas

June 20, 2012

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We have been doing lots of fun craft posts about fairies recently. They are so pretty and fun to craft and I love the magic. I thought it would be a nice idea to see what other posts were around and put them all together. I was amazed by how many others there were. Thanks for all the contributions. If you click on the pictures you can go to the post.


glitter words

Glitter Writing – a fun way to practice reading and writing sight words or handwriting.

fairy books

A fantastic round up of fairy children’s books from Playing by the book.

The star princess

The Star Princess. A lovely story for children who are afraid to go to bed in the dark, in PDF form. Written by Carrie at Moms Share 

A lovely fairy story written by 10 year old Amy, daughter to Crystal Jigsaw author Kathryn Brown. her blog is Amy’s Short Stories where she wrote a journal and a collection of her writing.


fairy toadstalls

Cute fairy toadstools made with recycled objects and papier mache.

 bead curtain

Fairy blossom bead string.

Tooth fairy

Tooth Fairy Boxes made from Kinder egg containers from RedTedArt.

I still haven’t got round to these. Let’s hope we don’t need them any time soon.

wish tree

 A really lovely fairy wish tree from Nurturestore. It has sparkly fairies on it to hold your wishes for the year. Great for New Years Eve!

capturing the tooth fairy

 A lovely craft to help you catch the tooth fairy. A lovely idea from Mamasmiles.

pine cone fairies

Pine cone fairies from Mummy, mummy, mum. Great fun to make when those Autumn days start to draw in.


A rather more permanent idea for making fairy toadstools from Sunhats and Wellie Boots than mine. I love the idea of using a carrot to paint the spots. Brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that?

fairy bunting

 More fairy fun from Sunhats and Wellie Boots – fairy bunting perfect for a fairy garden party!

acorn fairies

 Cute as a button acorn fairies from Word playhouse

christmas elves

 If you want to start getting ready for Christmas then here are some lovely decorations. Elves and fairies made of pine cones and gumnuts from RedTedArt.

Sensory Play

fairy play dough

 Home made fairy play dough

fairy discovery bottles

  Fairy discovery bottles

fairy small world

 Small world play from Sunhats and Wellie Boots with lots of different textures used to make a lovely fairy world in an egg box. If you’re bored of fairies then there is a dinosaur version too!


fairy garden

 A super sweet fairy garden from Nurturestore.

fairy village

 A lovely fairy village to tempt those fairies from Mamasmiles.

fairy garden

 2 lovely fairy gardens, complete with house and ladybirds from 2 Big, 2 Little

fairy garden

 If you look closely in this fairy garden from Moms Share you will see a fairy having a cheeky paddle!

fairy garden

 Taming The Goblin‘s fairy garden has a cute sparkling pool and a lovely little house made out of clay.

fairy house

 A lovely leafy fairy house  from RedTedArt.

fairy house

Half gardenening/half crafting, either way I love this idea  from Moms Share  to make a house for the fairies in a tree.

 A fairy garden for the sleep fairy from Jennifer’s Little World.


Fairy wand fruit kebab

Fruit kebabs

fairy wand biscuits

Fairy wand biscuits

Birthday Parties

fairy party

A whole fairy blossom party from You Make Do

 A lovely fairy themed birthday party from I’m Counting UFO’s  perfect for a fairy loving  three year old.



Photo editing – proof fairies exist.

proof fairies exist

Creating magic for children: Stop motion film proving fairies exist.

fairy magic

Should you lie to your children?


A really funny post from The Ramblings of a Formerly Rock and Roll Mum about the kinds of fairies she wishes existed. I so wish the washing up fairy were real.

How ace would that be?

The Tooth Fairy

tooth fairy

A collection of incredibly cute letters to the tooth fairy from the marvellous Mammasaurus 

tooth fairy

I had to include this hilarious post from Adventures of a Middle Aged Matron who was unfortunately let down by the tooth fairy. Tut tut.

Another amusing tale of the tooth fairy letting down an unfortunate family. This time from the inimitable Trouble Doubled.

Little Dylan’s tooth fairy challenge at Emma and 3 – goes terribly wrong.

Two bittersweet posts from Mymumdom about the end of the tooth fairy era. Events are turned around by the Australian tooth fairy who saves the day.


I’m loving the clever thinking over at Jennifer’s Little World. An inventive way to get children to sleep through the night.

tooth fairy

Wobbly teeth may not seem like a big deal to adults but they’re pretty central to a child’s happiness, a GG from Actually Mummy shows.

This post from I’m Counting UFO’s is so funny and sweet – a three year old’s perceptions of the tooth fairy.

tooth fairy

What’s the most exciting thing in a 6 year olds life – not holidays abroad – no of course not. Molly from Fluffydumplings has her priorities sorted.


The tooth fairy movie

A review of the film Tooth Fairy 2 from A Mummy Too

If you want even more ideas then look here:

 30+ Craft activities from the Queen of Craft Maggie at RedTedArt

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