Family Days Out With Nectar Points

Did you know you could use your Nectar points for fun days out with the family? I hadn’t realised you could spend them on days out. There are actually over 31 UK attractions available. The good thing is 500 points transfers to £2.50 to spend at an attraction.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 11.31.06

It is really easy to choose what to spend your points on. Some attractions like Warwick Castle show that you can spend your points simply by taking your card to the attraction and they take the posts off the card. It is worth checking through the conditions first to make sure they are available then. With Warwick Castle the points are actually worth double so 500 points means £5 of vouchers.

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Warwick Castle is our nearest attraction but one we haven’t ever actually visited before. It is a beautiful castle with lots of fun activities which get children to learn about history in a fun interactive way.

Warwick Castle

Tickets for Warwick Castle are expensive however, which is what has put us off in the past. Therefore a scheme like Nectar points where you can get the tickets just buy doing your normal shop is a really great idea.

Warwick castle

Disclaimer: We were given nectar points to spend on a family day out. 

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