First Sewing Project

January 20, 2014

First sewing project for kids

First sewing project for kids

Valentine’s Hearts

Right before Christmas Molly wrote her list for Santa and included a sewing kit on it. Santa was a bit upset as he though he already had all her presents but because this was such a useful present and she had been very good recently he added it in to his present sack. She was delighted and immediately wanted to get started on a first sewing project. She made this lovely heart decoration. It wasn’t particularly for Valentine’s day but it works very well.

first sewing projects

As it was Christmas I didn’t take many photos of each stage but this really is an easy project so I don’t think you would need them.

You will need

  • Needle and thread
  • Small off cuts of fabric
  • large and small heart shape cookie cutters
  • stuffing (we used the inside of an old pillow)
  • ribbon


Use the cookie cutter to draw the heart shapes on the reverse of two pieces of fabric. Cut out.

Put the two sides of the fabric together so that the pattern is on the outside.

Sew around the edge of the heart. For beginners you can use a simple running stitch, blanket stitch would look really pretty. Keep the stitches neat as they will be visible. Leave a little hole for the stuffing.

Fill the heart with a small amount of stuffing.

Finish sewing the rest of the heart.

first sewing project

Once you have made one heart you can just sew a ribbon on the top and use it as a heart decoration. They look really sweet on cupboard doors. They would also be nice filled with lavender as little presents.


Molly made a few hearts of different sizes and then sewed them onto a piece of pretty ribbon. There is a little bell at the bottom. Mum mum helped her with sewing it on the ribbon as this was a bit more tricky.

Valentine's heart

Molly was really pleased with the final decoration. It is now hung on the mantlepiece and looks really pretty. The best thing about this project is that you don’t need much fabric, a few off cuts work well, you could use an old t-shirt or fleece. Also it only took one evening after the twins went to bed so was perfect for a six year old’s attention spell.

Valentine's heart


For more children’s crafts make sure you are following on Pinterest.

For younger children check out my pre-sewing activities.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Threading  


The very hungry caterpillarTeddy threading

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 14.26.50

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