Free Time?

People keep asking me if I’m enjoying my free time at the moment.  The twins have started nursery so in theory I now have afternoons to myself – for the first time in a long time. I must admit it is lovely to have a bit of space. But I have to admit to feeling a bit disappointed. In my head, I thought I would be finding things a bit easier, feeling a bit more organised, a bit less frantic. Of course nothing is ever that easy.


There are now three school runs, including two where I have to get the twins dressed. Getting them dressed is a bit like getting two very excitable puppies ready. They just don’t want to do it. Leaving the house is stressful with too many arguments along the lines of “you really must wear knickers to school” and a lot of arguments about coats. I’m not looking forward to the addition of hats and gloves as the weather turns colder. We get there – but it’s difficult.

But once they are there I have two and a bit hours alone. That should make things easier right? Well it does to a certain extent but I find I am rushing and worrying and trying not to waste those precious uninterrupted moments. getting things done with two three year olds is hard. I can do jobs like fold the washing – but then have to spend the next half an hour tidying the mess they have made while I was doing it. Dealing with a flat is a lot of stress, especially as I’d have to find a way to pick up the girls from school.


Today my “free time” has been taken up with getting the tyre changed and trying to sort out the mess the twins made this morning. Of course there is a bit of time to catch up on emails, taking part in a twitter chat for Save the Children, mopping the kitchen floor, drinking tea, tidying the toys, writing a post (this one).

first day of school for twins

So am I enjoying my free time? Well the tea didn’t go cold before I could drink it. I didn’t have to tell anyone to stop hitting their sister with the mop, the toys have stayed tidy, and I have managed to concentrate on emails without feeling guilty. I’m not complaining. I now have 30 minutes left. I might just sit here and soak up the quiet. Ahhhhhhh…..


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