Fun things to make with Gel-A-Peel

October 3, 2016

Gel-a-peel Harry Potter design

We were so excited to try the new brand Gel-A-Peel. The girls had seen it on Youtube and they loved the idea of being able to make anything you wanted. We were sent a lovely bright Neon Kit to try. This comes with lots of templates to make your own jewellery.


The Gel-A-Peel Neon kit contains everything you need to get started making your own designs. You get tree tubes of Gel-aPeel and lots of different nozzles to create different patterns. There are patterns to follow and a sheet to make the jewellery on. There are also a few accessories so you can put the jewellery together. This set costs just £14.99. I think this is a really great price for the amount you can do with it. It would be a lovely birthday present and something a bit different. For some really great videos look here to see  how GelAPeel can be used:


Gel-A-Peel challenged us to use it to make our own things and sent us a canvas bag and a notebook to decorate. I was a little worried about putting the Gel-a-peel on different products as I couldn’t believe it would work! We were really impressed with how easy it was to use decorate the bag and the notebook. 


The box says Gel-A-Peel is suitable for ages 8+ but the twins were very keen to have a try and actually could produce good results. This is a fun craft to do as a family or at a party or a sleepover. It takes a few goes to master the technique of using the different nozzles. If you can ice cakes then you would be able to do it easily as the nozzles are really similar. The mix comes out the end really smoothly. You just have to be careful not to leave any gaps. It is also really easy to rub off the Gel-A-Peel if you make any mistakes. 


Once you’ve made your design you simply leave the Gel-A-Peel to dry. Then you can peel it off and use it. We would have liked more acetate sheets in the pack as once the girls got started they wanted to make loads. 

Gel-A-Peel Notebook

We had great fun using the Gel-A-Peel. The girls made a variety of brightly coloured jewellery and a really colourful notebook. It is fun to use as an adult too. The girls are really into Harry Potter so I designed them an Expecto Patronum canvas bag. The bright neon colours of the Gel-A-Peel really stood out on the black background. 

Harry Potter Bag - Expecto Patronum ,made with Gel-a-peel

The twins were very keen to use the Gel-A-Peel to decorate their dolls and give them a new outfit. It worked surprisingly well and the doll now has a bright colourful orange swimsuit. 

doll clothes made with Gel-a-peel

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Disclaimer: We were sent the Gel-A-Peel for the purposes of this review. 

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