Gift Ideas for Newborn Babies (and their Mums!)

August 29, 2014

baby twins cuddling

When a family member or close friend has a baby it can be a time of great excitement. From the initial congratulations of successfully giving birth come the hoards of people wanting to see the child almost as soon as they get home from the hospital.

It’s traditional to give the newborn child some kind of gift in a bit of a ‘welcome to the world’ sense, providing them with something to get them through their infancy and even take on further through their childhood and even into their adult lives in some cases with many opting to retain the items as keepsakes to pass down to their own children. There are all kinds of gifts that are open to friends and family members but there is always the risk that you will end up buying the same item as someone else and the gift, ultimately, loses its value and sentimentality.

To avoid this issue and to ensure that the child doesn’t simply collect blanket after blanket or trinket box for them to put their first tooth or hair in; here are some innovative gift ideas that you can shower the newborn child with – and even their mum’s who, after all, deserve some kind of gift for going through the birth!

Personalised gifts are always a good idea, giving the child something that is unique to them and that they can keep forever. Whether it’s an item of clothing with their name embroidered into it or a personalised child’s story book like this one, tailored to them complete with their own name in the starring role with the names of their family included too if you wish, it’s a genuinely unique gift that they’re likely to cherish and it will also encourage them to learn to read as they get older.

While they’re obviously very small you might not be expecting to see them wearing it any time soon, but a charm bracelet can be a particularly stylish gift for a child to wear as they grow. You have all kinds of options in terms of which charm (or charms) to buy, ranging from birth stones and signs of the zodiac to individual letters or animals.

Another great idea is a baby bundle like this one from House of Rokoko. You have the option to buy for a boy or a girl and it can be a perfect addition to the wardrobe for the child and gives the parents another option for clothes which, as we know, get very expensive in the early stages.

baby twins cuddling

A final suggestion, if you are of the opinion that the child will probably have enough gifts anyway, is to get something for the lucky new mum. While all the attention will, obviously, be on the child; going through the process of child birth deserves some kind of recognition and what better way to give her that ‘yummy mummy’ look and feel than to get her one of the stunning new dresses from or a charm bracelet of her own to celebrate the birth, maybe with the initials of the baby spelt out on her wrist to celebrate that birth each day.


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