Glitter writing

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glitter high frequency words

I’m always on the lookout for fun ideas for practicing writing especially practicing handwriting or high frequency words. We have often used sand to write in and that is fun – but there is one thing which is better – glitter. Ok it’s messy. Very messy! The glitter will not stay in the tray, but it’s so much more fun than just writing out spelling words, or using a pencil to practice handwriting. Anyway all you need is a shallow tray, we just used an old painting tray. The lid of a plastic box or a wide plate would also work. Add lots of glitter. We also used star-shaped post it notes and a whiteboard and pen, but these aren’t necessary.

reading words

We started by writing the words onto a whiteboard.

high frequency words

Then matched them to the ones on star-shaped post its.

spelling words

Then write the words in the glitter.

glitter words
You can just use a finger but we thought a fairy wand was even better.

spelling words

Finally the magic. Just shake the glitter and the words disappear.

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