Great South Run – Week 1

August 8, 2011

I have just heard that I can run the Great South Run for Tamba (twins and multiple birth association see I have exactly 3 months to prepare. I’ve been doing bits and bobs of training up till now – but would ideally be a bit faster and more comfortable. I was thinking of applying a few months ago. I was getting back into exercise after having twins but need a goal to keep me motivated. I even managed to persuade my brother to sign up. Then everything went wrong. Within a month both twins got chicken pox, and my husband was knocked off his bike. Training – and everything else went out of the window.

By the time it had all calmed down and I started to think about running again I had missed the deadline for general applications. Luckily I heard I can run for Tamba with just enough time to train for it. As long as I can fit in 3-4 runs a week including a long run at the weekend I think I can do it, and hopefully raise a bit of money. The only problem is I have 3 unpredictable quantities in my daughters – will they sleep will they remain healthy? A lot depends on them.

The Great South Run is a ten mile road race in Porstmouth. The course is completely flat and is along a lovely stretch of historic docklands, next to the sea. I ran it with my husband 8 year ago just before we were married. Of course I was considerably fitter then – with an active gym membership – and I had no commitments outside work to stop me training.

Hmmmm…Don’t think it’s going to be so easy this time around.

Fitter times

Week One

30 mins 2.3 miles
The training schedule I’m following begins on a Monday with a rest day. Fantastic – resting before you even start – this running lark’s a breeze!

So training started properly on what is probably the hottest day of the year. It wasn’t the best day, to be honest. Everyone was grumpy. Hubby because he was called in to work during his annual leave, me because we are home after a lovely holiday at my parents, Biggest daughter ditto, Twin 2 because she was teething. Twin 1 was the only one who has remained sanguine. So all in all I was not feeling up for a run. If there was any way I could have got out of it and just sat in front of a fan drinking cold lemonade I would have.

But half way round and I felt much better. Getting out the house, on a lovely evening, is always going to lift my spirit. The 30 minutes went quickly although I was going very very slowly. It’s going to take me a long time to finish 10 miles at my current rate.

30 mins – 2.5 miles
Well training two days in a row is going to be hard. The old legs take a while to loosen up. Again a scorching day. I went out a bit later, thanks mainly to a grumpy Twin 2 deciding to drop all her muslin cloths out of her cot which means she can’t send herself to sleep. It was better going a bit later because the temperature had started to cool.

The run was much tougher and I’m still painfully slow. 30 minutes to run 2.5 miles? It’s going to take over 2 hours to complete the run. Blimey. It was great getting out the house though. There was a little lad out playing with a super soaker and I really wanted him to squirt me with water to cool down. I did the Knowle Fun Run a few years ago and all the local residents line the streets with water pistols. Fantastic!

30 mins – 2.5 miles
Ok 10.20 pm is not a great time to go for a run. I have just finished and it is 11pm. I should go to bed at 11 – especially when my baby-alarm clock goes off without fair at 6 am. I should have gone straight for a run after putting the girls to bed and not faffed about on the internet. I am now way too hot and energised to go to bed.

Today was a treadmill run. It went ok considering the battery went off the ipod dock and I pulled the fan off the table because I forgot it was plugged in. I’m not used to running in silence – I found the first ten minutes I was clock watching but after that i drifted off into my thoughts. Running on the treadmill is much more pleasant since I found I had the incline set really high and brought it down. I will definitely sort it out for next time so that I can watch TV or listen to music. It does make the time go quickly.

40 mins – 3.3 miles
Well that’s the first week complete. I managed 3 miles today. I was pleased because there were a few hills, and in the past I’ve walked up them but today I managed to run the whole way. I was worried the whole time as there were huge black clouds above me but luckily they held off and there was even a bit of late evening sunshine by the end of the run. I managed a fairly steady pace – nearly 5 mph. So now just need to gradually increase the distance.

Only problem was when I got home my 4 year old was sneaking downstairs. Although, I’m pleased with this weeks run it will be the easiest week of the lot. Not only were the distances small but as my husband was on annual leave I could go any time I wanted and I wasn’t as tired as when I have the whole day on my own. If the children have a bad evening I’m really going to struggle to fit in the runs I need.

The good thing is, my brother is still on holiday – and probably doesn’t know I’m in the race at all, it’s the only time I have any chance of being ahead of him. Tee hee! I’ve got a week’s training under my belt, while he’s been sunning himself by the pool and probably drinking and eating too much (ok I’ll admit I’m a bit jealous!!).  Ha ha, bruv – eat my dust!

I’m also pleased I have run ten miles – ok it has taken me a week. If I put all the runs I have done this week back to back then I will have completed the Great Run course. Oh that is a scary thought – they each seemed really long!

Miles this week: 10.5 miles
Total miles: 10.5
Total money raised: £5
Favourite Running Track: Kanye West – Stronger

“What don’t kill me can only make me stronger”

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