Halloween Discovery Bottle

October 22, 2012

Halloween snow globe

Ooooooooh maaaaaaaan! I’ve had so many problems with this craft. Sometimes everything goes wrong, doesn’t it? It has nearly turned into a complete craft fail. I am pleased with the end result though. It does exactly what I wanted. A while ago I made a fairy discovery bottle and the girls loved it so I wanted to make one for Autumn. This is actually my third version as I didn’t like the first couple. I will post them later as they are ok – just this one is better.

Anyway as you will see I had problems with the glue, the pot, everything in factor. Then I finally finish and do all the photos and then I look at it and think actually – you know – it isn’t a discovery bottle at all it’s a snow globe, with leaves. Aaaaaagh!

Halloween Discovery Bottle snow globe

This is a really simple craft, whatever you decide to call it. All the girls helped, even the twin toddlers. If you plan it right it should only take a few minutes with added drying time for the glue in between.

Halloween Discovery Bottle snow globe

We used:

  • a plastic screw top pot/bottle
  • a hot glue gun (or superglue)
  • a small plastic Halloween figure
  • glitter
  • a furry pipe cleaner
  • sequins
  • glycerin

What we did:

Glue the Halloween figure and the pipe cleaner to the bottom of the lid of the pot. Leave this to dry as per the manufacturers instructions.

Half fill the pot with water. Add the glitter and sequins. I did think about adding some small spiders as well but thought it might over do it!

Fill with water to the top .

You can add a few drops of glycerin which you can buy from the cake baking section of shops.

Put the lid on carefully and glue around the edge so it is watertight.

Halloween Discovery Bottle snow globe

As you can see I mainly had problems with the pot. I could not get the first one to stay water proof. This was the same type of pot I used for the fairy discovery bottle, but perhaps it was a different make as no matter how much I glued it – it just wouldn’t stay water tight. In the end I used some pots I bought in the supermarket as containers for craft materials and baking. These had a screw top and worked much better.

As you can see when you tip it upside down the glitter swirls around and looks like falling leaves. The glitter I used is fluorescent (you can buy it from Zing Zing tree in the UK)  so it glows under UV light bulbs, which is really cool. When I woke out how to post a picture of it I will take one to show you.

Fairy Halloween Discovery Bottle snow globe

Fairy Garden Discovery Bottles 

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Halloween and fall craft ideas

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As it is probably best called a snow globe I can’t wait to get started on a Christmas one!

What would you call it?

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