Healthy Halloween Snacks for Kids

With all the parties and successful trick and treat missions, it’s a fair bet the kids won’t be short of sweets this Halloween. But if you’re having a party this year or even just inviting a few friends over to play there is a way to create great Halloween snacks and keep them healthy.Mini pumpkin pizzas

There’s no need to be terrified at the prospect of healthy and fun snacks. This article on is a great resource for a range of finger food. Some of the examples are pretty basic and therefore suitable for even the least experienced of home cooks. It’s easy to transform some raw carrots into witches’ fingers – just trim them into slender talons and dip the tips into mayo or humus to create nails. Urgh.

For something a little more intricate, put your fine-carving skills to the test and create these Apple Bites. Apples will never look so enticing – each piece of fruit is quartered and then sliced into, before picking out individual teeth. Kids will wolf these down but not before putting the mouthpiece in and baring their new teeth!

From the same website is another simple but spookily effective snack. A watermelon is skinned and then carved to look like a brain – put it on a plate in the middle of the dining table. Very realistic.

For a cool treat, peel a banana, cut it in half and insert a lollipop stick into each (or as many as you are making) to create a lolly. Then dip the whole of each into yoghurt, add two choc chips as eyes, and freeze. Once fully frozen, take them out – and you’ll have frozen yogurt banana ghosts!

If you’re looking for a fuller meal, something simple yet worthy as a spooky plate of good is spaghetti with pesto. Cook the pasta as usual, stirring in the green pesto once drained and cooled. Divide into portions and pile onto plates before applying the finishing touches: slice mozzarella balls into circular discs, placing two or four onto each dish. Then slice black olives in a similar way and place one on each slice of mozzarella. Yep, you guessed it – the final result is a pair of creepy eyes on a ball of wriggling worms.

Something to drink? You can spend some time researching the many various brews and potion recipes, or make Mummy juice boxes – for this just wrap tissue around regular cartons and decorate with eyes.

These are just a few suggestions – browse online to find dozens of straightforward, tasty and healthy Halloween snacks. Once you’ve got your menu finalised, all that’s left to do is make sure any guests are dressed suitably: if you’re struggling for the right outfit try Morphcostumes Halloween costumes. Well done: you now have all the ingredients for an unforgettable party!


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