Home Loan Guide: Eligibility Criteria for a Home Mortgage in the UK

September 7, 2021

The home buying experience is one of the necessary experiences to have in one’s life. There are many phases of buying your dream home, from the worries of understanding the financial requirements to the excitement of deciding the home decor. 

A significant requirement of buying a home in the UK or anywhere else globally is to meet the financial needs of the same. Unarguably, one can’t buy a house from cash or savings done so far. That’s why home mortgage options work as a savior for individuals living with a dream of buying a home. 

When talking about buying a home in the United Kingdom, the best part is that foreigners have no restrictions to get a home mortgage. However, you should comply with the predefined home mortgage requirements. Here are the insights for you.

Getting Mortgage in the UK- 

The UK has got one of the largest loan markets with up to 1.1 million mortgages worth more than £1.3 trillion. The concept of homeownership is more prevalent in the UK than in any other country all around Europe. This has accelerated the demand for the mortgage market in the country. 

Who is eligible for a home mortgage?

Luckily, there are no restrictions on adults getting approved for a home mortgage in the UK. Even if you are a non-resident of the country, you have the right to apply for a mortgage. With this, understand that every financial institution or mortgage lender agency will have its own set of protocols ready for you. As far as the general factors are concerned, you will need to meet some basic criteria, including – 

#1 – Source of income – Lenders need legit proof of your income to know if you are able to pay off the mortgage payments on time or not. This involves the risk factors and mortgage amount to approve. Here, most self-employed or freelancers in the UK see themselves as a non-eligible category. This is because a mortgage is subject to job security and a seamless source of income. 

#2 – Age – As mortgages require paying off EMIs for an extended period of time, it’s hard for older age groups to get the home mortgage approved. As a result, most building societies, financial institutes are likely to refuse a mortgage application by an older individual. However, you still have some hope if you collaborate with your younger generation with the applied mortgage request. 

#3 – A credit score – Besides checking your legit source of income, banks tend to analyze your credit score effectively. Thus, it’s essential to know what credit score is needed for a loan UK and how. If in doubt, you can check your credit score at home before discussing the matter with the bank. Having a low or poor credit score may make lenders reluctant to approve your mortgage request. 

A quick wrap up – 

Getting home loans in the UK is no hassle, especially when you fall under all its requirements. The process begins with understanding the market reach, eligibility criteria, and other documentation requirements. Here, make sure you join hands with a reliable mortgage lender to reap the benefits of an approved home mortgage. 

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