Homemade Advent Calendar

November 8, 2013

homemade advent calendar

Now is the time to start planning homemade advent calendars. Ok it’s a bit early but I am determined not to have a frantic scramble on December the 1st to get one together. This year I wanted a new idea for our Christmas activities. I find Christmas a bit hectic and stressful because I want to do everything. I have so many things I want to do with the children and I always run out of time. This year I am going to plan what we are doing a bit more so I don’t feel stressed and end up packing everything into one day. oh who am I kidding I’m going to do that anyway.

homemade advent calendar

I wanted to make a homemade advent calendar to contain a list of the activity we will do that day. I also had a lot of packing noodles which came in the boxes which have started to arrive from ebay and amazon. these are those white noodles which stop the items from breaking and I love to use for craft. I knew they would make perfect little snowmen. This is quite a complicated craft for me as it uses so many materials. It is very cute though so it’s worth it.

Advent calendar

We used:

For the snowmen

  • ribbon
  • sticky bits
  • white packing noodles
  • tiny goggly eyes
  • black craft foam
  • orange Hama beads
  • wooden pegs

For the envelopes

  • small brown envelopes
  • red and green wash tape
  • red and green sticky numbers

packing noodle snowmen


I wasn’t intending to make these with the twins – I thought it would be way too fiddly, as they are only 3. I was just setting it up to do with Molly who is six. Rose saw what I was making and was desperate to make some too. She loves tiny things and the combination  of tiny beads goggly eyes and ribbon got her very excited.

packing noodle snowmen

The snowmen for the advent calendar are made with a packing noodle squashed flat. I put a layer of tacky flue on and Rose stuck on a bow, little goggly eyes and an orange Hama bead for the carrot nose. I made the hats from black craft foam cut into shape.


packing noodle snowmen


We used alternate green and red bows to make them look very Christmassy. After they had dried I stuck them onto a wooden clothes peg with some sticky bits.

packing noodle snowmen


Rose loved them so much she wanted to make her own little snowman family using the other colours for bows. She didn’t want to put hats on them as they are baby snowmen. Then she stuck them in a ice cube tray for a bed and covered them in a cloth so they went to sleep. They were great for a bit of sneaky counting practice too!

packing noodle snowmen


Next I made the envelopes. these are simple brown envelopes with a line of Christmas wash tape at the top and bottom. They have a number for each day.

Advent calendar

After that we hung them up on a line of silver thread.

Advent calendar


Inside I am going to put a card with Christmas activities to do.

Advent Calendar ideas

  1. Put up the advent calendars.
  2. Make Christmas cards.
  3. Elf on a Shelf arrives
  4. Make decorations.
  5. Bake mince pies
  6. Make paper chains.
  7. Learn a Christmas carol
  8. Visit the Christmas market
  9. Twins club Christmas party
  10. Ice the Christmas cake
  11. Buy the Christmas tree
  12. Watch the Polar express
  13. Hand deliver Christmas cards
  14. Sing Christmas carol for relatives
  15. Nativity play
  16. Make Christmas biscuits
  17. Put up the tree
  18. Decorate the house.
  19. Go to a Pantomime
  20. Visit the Christmas market.
  21. Make a Yule Log
  22. Write letters to Santa
  23. Watch The Snowman
  24. Put out milk and mince pie for Santa
  25. CHRISTMAS! Open presents

Anything I have missed?

A fun homemade advent calendar so you can have fun activities and not just chocolate.

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This year we were also sent a Playmobil Advent Calendar to review.
Playmobil advent calendar
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