How to be a cool grandparent

October 21, 2017

Tomorrow we are going to visit my parents for the week. The relationship between my girls and there grandparents is so special to me, and not just because of the free babysitting. It’s so lovely when they spend time with a caring grandparent. Children learn so much from having an interested adult in their lives who is ready to help them learn new things and share their life skills and knowledge. Shepherds Friendly have produced a really lovely infographic showing how to be a cool grandparent.

I asked the experts, my three children, what makes a good grandparent and this ere are a few ways you can be a cool grandparent and here are there ideas.

I love baking cakes with them

It’s easy to think that children are so consumed with modern technology they don’t want to learn the new skills. I don’t think this is true at all. Children love learning something new. If they watch you doing something they will inevitably ask to join in, in fact they will ask a million questions about it, children are like that. Whether you can bake amazing cakes, or fix a car, kids will be fascinated and want to help. They can learn so much from you.

My kids have learnt how to bake, and cook meals and knit and sew. I find their grandparents have so much more time and patience and can really take the time to show the, Also there is a weird thing that they listen much better to their grandparents, well anyone other than their parents. Now I’m hoping that someone will teach them how to mop the floors, do the ironing and check the oil in my car so I don’t have to!

Speaking on the Phone

We don’t live close to my parents, which is such a shame as I’d love them to have regular contact. The next best thing is a phone call or FaceTime. I love the fact that I don’t have to ask the girls to call they want to. It’s lovely to talk to someone who is fascinated by everything you do and who thinks you’re amazing. The only problem is that they will sometimes take photos of the washing pile or get me in trouble because I’ve let the cat on the bed. It’s worth it though because it means the children have someone else they can confide in and who can give them support and advise.

I like it when they bring me presents

Children can be very materialistic, and grandparents really know how to spoil their loved ones. They bring them treats, buy them ice cream and too many sweeties. I guess it’s the most enjoyable thing about being a grandparent.

If you do want to spend a little more then there are ways you can really help. Treating them to sport or music lessons is a wonderful way of supporting them (taking them to those lessons is even better). You can also save to provide for your grandchildren’s future. Did you know that you can save for the future of your grandchildren tax efficiently, in a Young Savers Plan from Shepherds Friendly?

I think the best way to spoil a grandchild is with time. Spending time together doing something they love, even watching a favourite TV show cuddled on the sofa. It’s never time wasted.

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