How to Host the Perfect Summer Party

June 20, 2021

Now the nice weather has finally arrived (even if it isn’t always 100% reliable), it’s the perfect time to start enjoying your outdoor space. From entertaining family and friends, to enjoying al fresco dining with your loved ones, venturing outdoors for a party is a wonderful thing. 

And to help you throw the perfect summer party this year, I’ve put together these top tips: 

Spruce Up Your Garden Furniture 

Before you get into the throes of organising your summer party, it’s a good idea to get your garden furniture in tip-top condition. Give it a good scrub to clean off the remnants of winter before giving it a splash of paint or varnish to bring it back to life. 

For an extra-special touch, you might also want to invest in some gorgeous on-trend cushions or a hammock with stand to give your guests somewhere to relax. 

Add Some Lighting 

The chances are, your party’s going to continue on after sundown so make sure there’s plenty of lighting around to keep things going. Fairy lights hung up on fences and solar panels jotted around your garden are a great way to light up the area while adding to the ambience. 

Prepare for All Weathers

While the forecast for your summer party may be looking great a week ahead, we all know that can change – dramatically. 

So, to make sure you’re not caught out in a heavy downpour, make sure there’s some shelter for your guests and your food. A gazebo is ideal as it’s easy to put up and will provide all the protection you need (including from the glaring sun while you’re dishing up food). 

Serve Up Tasty Treats

Consider the menu you’ll offer your guests; will it be a buffet with lots of delicious snacks or are you going to go all out with a BBQ? It is a good idea to tell guests what your dining options will be, just in case someone has a dietary requirement that you didn’t know about. After all, could there be anything worse than pilling up the meat on a vegetarian’s plate? 

Also, consider having a selection of treats that you can serve up throughout the day, including chocolates, crisps, cocktail sausages and other finger food. 

Make Sure There’s Something for the Kids 

If you’re inviting children to this party, you’ll want to make sure they’re entertained all evening too. Organise games they can play or outdoor entertainment (e.g. a paddling pool) that’ll keep them occupied for hours on end. 

You might also want to rustle up a kid-friendly menu, just in case there are some fussy eaters amongst them!

Inject Some Music 

To add to the fun ambience you’ve created outdoors, you might want to create a playlist of summery tunes that’ll get everyone in the party mood (or just look for a pre-made one in Spotify!). Or, for an added touch, ask each guest to send 5 or 10 of their favourite songs that they’d like to hear on the day.

Finally, now all of the planning is underway, all that’s left to do is choose a day and invite your guests! 

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