How to Organize a Fun Family Party  

May 31, 2018

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Organizing a family party sounds like a lot of fun, but in reality, it can be stressful and tiresome. Whether it’s a birthday, Halloween or holiday celebration you’re planning, your goal is to throw a party that guests, regardless of age, will enjoy without exhausting yourself in the process. This involves budget planning, decorating, catering music and atmosphere, so it is no easy feat, even for seasoned hosts.  

Careful planning will help you organize an event that everyone will remember (for all the right reasons), whether it’s a kid party or a milestone anniversary celebration. With this in mind, here are five foolproof party planning tips.  

Pay Attention to Details 

It’s often the fun little details that people remember when they look back on these events so don’t be afraid to stretch the budget a little and push the boat out when it comes to accessories. Photo props, selfie masks, and comedy glasses are cheap to buy, and they help create memories. Plus, these props will help break the ice when people don’t know each other well. You can also accessorize your drinkware by creating custom wine glasses, personalized wine glasses, wine glasses in bulk, wholesale wine glasses and other drinks containers for the event. Personalized wine glasses take seconds to order, and they will make your guests smile and give them something to remember and to take home at the end of the night.  

Set Your Budget 

Before you start booking venues and ordering decorations, you need to work out a budget for your event. Consider the large expenses, such as venue, music, entertainment and refreshments first, but don’t forget the smaller ones. You’ll want to factor in decorations, invitations, nametags, lighting, games, seating and party gifts, as well as parking permits for your guests. You’ll even need to budget carefully for children’s parties, as these often end up being the most expensive of all.  


Pick a Theme  

Once you’ve set your budget and chosen a date for your party, you will need to pick a theme for the event. If you can’t decide, you can mind map ideas until you find one that suits your budget and appeals to your guests. Fun ideas include a jungle theme, eighties rock ‘n’ roll, school days, red carpet and Disney. Alternatively, you could choose your favourite film and theme your party accordingly – so long as it’s suitable for the age of your guests.   

Choose a Venue  

You can cut costs by hosting the party in your home, but there are several considerations to bear in mind if you do. Firstly, you’ll want to move any fragile or sentimental objects, as even the quietest parties can get rowdy if alcohol is involved. You should also let your neighbours know that you’re planning a party (even if they are not invited). It is courteous to tell your neighbours to expect some noise, and it may prevent them making complaints later in the night. 

Send Your Invites  

Don’t fret about creating the perfect invites for your party. While it’s always nice to receive beautifully designed and themed invitations, the most important thing is that you give your guests enough notice to make sure they can come. Then all that’s left to do is enlist a pair of hands to help you set up and enjoy your night! Camping Party invites

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