The Later Life Plan

November 7, 2013

Thinking about the nearing retirement years may take a back seat in your mind. However, in order to fully prepare for retirement it is essential to plan and think of the future.  Below are some key issues that should be considered as part of a later life plan:

Retirement properties

Retirement properties are becoming more and more popular with many older people and families looking at this option over a care home. While not everyone might be happy to spend their later lives in purpose built retirement properties, they do have their benefits and can seriously help older people who need support.  By having more choice and financial packages available for all backgrounds, it showcases a more stable and attractive option than a care home.

Retirement properties with McCarthy & Stone, for example, include apartments, assisted care facilities and later living properties. This provides plenty of choice so care and health needs are not sacrificed or overlooked.

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As mentioned above, McCarthy & Stone’s services directly involve helping people finance the move. A decision to purchase a retirement home and the ability to choose a financial package puts the owner in control.  From equity release to offsetting the value of your current home to purchase the new retirement home, there are options for all.

Funeral plan and Will writing

Not the most glamorous of topics, granted, but one which must be considered. Without thinking about your funeral and who you want to leave your estate too, if the worst was to happen these dealings suddenly become more complicated.

Not having your funeral wishes outlined or valuable assets earmarked for family members puts more pressure on those left behind and you may find the rules of intestacy, which govern the distribution of assets for a deceased party with no Will, do not benefit those whom you wish you inherit.

 Further to the future

By buying a retirement property you can safeguard your future while retaining your independence. However, ailing health will always be a worry and fortunately most properties offer assisted living which you choose to use or not. Should your health begin to suffer in the future, the support and care you need can be delivered in the comfort of your retirement home.

With careful planning and strong research there is lots of potential in retirement. Using a reputable company like McCarthy & Stone can save a lot of stress and worry. With McCarthy & Stone able to help with properties, finances, funerals and Will writing, you really can get help all the way and begin to look forward to your retirement.


Disclaimer: In association with McCarthy and Stone

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