Listography: Games I used to play

September 11, 2011

I have fond memories of our playing field at Junior School. The sun was always shining, there was always the smell of freshly cut grass. Playtime seemed to last forever. Half of the field was sold off to build houses and I every time I go past I have to say to my children “I remember when all this was fields…” It was still massive to us afterwards, although when I went back to do my teaching practice it seemed to have magically shrunken. Strange how that happens.

These were my favourite games.

1. Making daisy chains
Is this a game as such? I’m not sure but we used to spend hours lying on the grass making daisy chains, watching while the older children played kiss chase. It was good to lie on the grass and just relax. I was very bossy at school and liked everyone to play my games, which were sometimes very complicated. I used to get upset when people didn’t do what I wanted them to. So a game with no rules and no winners and losers was sometimes a big relief. Unfortunately my daughter seems to be exactly the same. Her games are so complicated they are no longer fun. I hope she won’t be like that at school.

2. Spinning until you felt dizzy
When we got bored of lying around we would spin and spin until we felt dizzy and sick and then fall on the floor. I really cannot see the fun in this now. I hate to feel dizzy. It’s why I don’t drink very much any more I hate getting to the point where the room is spinning. Still it passed the time I guess.

3. Handstands and skipping
Nothing better than a handstand against the wall. That rush of blood to the head. Actually thinking about it there were a lot of natural highs in the games we played. Along with this went skipping or clapping games. All of these  I love the fact you still hear the same chants across the country. You look at girls playing these games and think how sweet. Only problem is when you remember the actual words. Not so sweet when you listen to all the kissing and underwear in them.  For example the old favourite the kissing song. Remember that one?

Boy and girl sitting in a tree 
First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the girl with a baby carriage
How many children will there be….

Hmmmm…. can’t remember if I used to get caught out at 3? 

My boyfriend gave me an apple, My boyfriend gave me a pear, My boyfriend gave me a kiss on the lips, So I threw him down the stairs! I threw him over London, I threw him over France, I threw him over the USA, And he lost his underpants WOO! I gave him back his apple, I gave him back his pear, I gave him back his kiss on the lips, And I threw him down the stairs! He flew all over London, He flew all over France, He flew all over the USA, And he found his underpants PHEW! 

When Suzie was a baby, a baby Suzie was , And she said “wah,wah,a wah,wah,wah” When Suzie was a toddler, a toddler Suzie was. And she said “Gah,gah,a gah,gah,gah” When Suzie was a schoolgirl, a schoolgirl Suzie was. And she said “Miss!Miss! I can’t do this!” When Suzie was a teenager, a teenager she was. And she said “Ooh, Aaah, I lost my bra, I left my knickers in my boyfriends car!” 

Classy lady. 

4. Running up and down the slopes.
Around the edge of the playground were concrete slopes, which we used to run up and down. Or stand on top and perform dance numbers “‘Orrible being in love (when you’re 8 and a half)” was a favourite one summer when we were in fact 8 and a half. One day I was running playing chase and tripped on the slope. Someone took me to the dinner ladies and they were all staring at me in horror. My front two teeth had been knocked out. I was seen by the dentist later that day and was in the process of choosing some lovely gold caps to go on my teeth. I thought they would look really special. Luckily my mum intervened and chose the boring old white ones.

5. Yoyos
This was the craze when I was at school. Everyone had a yoyo collected from pop bottles. Some people could do great tricks with them, my hubby still can. I never really got passed the up and down stage and that still took a whole summer. They would probably be banned now because of too many yoyo related injuries.

So what about you? What was your favourite childhood game?


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