LOL Surprise Biggie Pets: MC Hammy

August 6, 2018

LOL Surprise Biggie Pets

There is something about a blind bag toy which really captures the imagination of an 8-year-old. My twins love opening surprise toys like the LOL Pets range and if they don’t have any pocket money they are just as happy to watch unboxing videos on Youtube. So when they saw a giant version of the LOL Surprise the Biggie Pet, they couldn’t wait to review. LOL Surprise Biggie Pets: MC Hammy

We were sent LOL Surprise Biggie Pet, MC Hammy. This costs around £37 which means it would be suitable for a birthday or Christmas. It comes in a big ball, which you can use afterwards to store the LOL Surprise toys and accessories. Inside there are lots of different surprises inside, over 15 in fact. Opening the package is the most exciting part of this toy and seeing what you have got.

LOL Surprise Biggie Pets: MC Hammy

MC Hammy is a giant LOL Surprise. He has the same adorable big eyes and rounded features. It comes with laces so you can turn it into a backpack. There is also a hole in the top to make it into a piggy bank. At the moment the girls just enjoy having a large pet to play with.

LOL Surprise Biggie Pets

Inside you might find two or three normal sized LOL Surprise toys. You might find two pet babies, one pet baby or food baby charm.

LOL Surprise Biggie Pets:

The small pets come in little pots of kinetic sand and have their own accessories.

LOL Surprise Biggie Pets: MC Hammy

The twins got Spicy Ham and MC Miaow. Charlotte likes how MC Miaow has the same styling as MC Hammy. Spice Ham is a colour change LOL Pet. When it gets warm the colour changes from black to pink, as you can see if you compare the two pictures above.

Big Pets accessories

The twins really like the fortune teller accessory which you can use a keyring. When you spin it you can see your fortune in the cute emojis.

Biggie Pets - accessories

You also get some wearable accessories. The Eye Spy Series™ spy glasses can be worn by you or MC Hammy. They are 3D and you can use them to find codes and unlock surprises! There is also a fun necklace so you can really share MC Hammy’s style.

Disclaimer: We were sent the toy for the purposes of this review. 


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