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Mark Warner Mums Announcement

I am really excited to announce that we were chosen to be bloggers for Mark Warner as part of the Mark Warner Mums Blogger Program. This will mean we get to go skiing! Yay!

Winter Olympics Small World


Being me I want to go straight away and I was quite happy to book a holiday for next week. However I’m being sensible and we will be going at the end of the year when the twins will be 4 and so can take part in all the activities. We haven’t told the girls yet. I’m planning a big announcement.
Mark Warner Mums

To keep me going until we get to go on our trip I have made the girls a Winter Olympics Small World. It was part of our entry to become one of the Mark Warner Mums. They love playing with it and it keeps them entertained for hours. The only problem is that the entire kitchen is covered with fake snow, there is a tray of ice taking up one shelf in the freezer and we can’t use the kitchen table as it has a mini ski slope and ice rink on it.

Winter Olympics Small World

Look here to find full details of how we made the Winter Olympics small world.

Participate in the Winter Olympics from the comfort and safety of your own home. This small world is great for adventurous kids and keeps them entertained for hours.

Joining me as Mark Warner Mums are:

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