Massage at your workplace

May 31, 2015


It has been known for quite a while that the massage is one of the best, if not the best, physical therapy, meant to relax your muscle and relieve from daily stress. As such, different spas and beauty salons constantly try to improve their offer and include new and appealing types of treatments. As of late, one of the more popular group therapies is massage at your workplace.

This modern society in which we live in imposes high tempo on us. We are always in a rush, trying to get somewhere and that little free time that we have, we spend checking our e-mail or talking over the phone. Moreover, we are even forced to bring our families to our workplace because we simply don’t have enough time to spend with them otherwise. These offices have become our new home, places where we spend most of our day. Having that in mind, our relationships within the office as well as our time spent there are very important elements which determine quality of our life.

Everybody knows that you need certain time to rest during the day; otherwise you will crack sooner or later. This is why, in some countries, you have an option of taking a 15 to 30 minute sleep during your lunch break. It has been discovered that this is precisely the time that you need to fully reenergize your organism. Similarly to sleep, there are other methods and therapies which can rejuvenate our body. This is where massage comes into play.

Although sleep is the best way of rest and relaxation, massage is also very important for our well-being. Therapists from Uptown Spa massage center recommend at least 15 minutes of massage, two or even three times a week. While we are at office, we are restricted to our chair. This often leads to various neck and back injuries. Besides that, rests of our muscles are pretty inactive meaning that we are also prone to other injuries and inflammations. However, as previously mentioned, we are not able to save some time for this luxury because we are working most of the time. But, you can always enjoy a quick massage in your break or perhaps even during work hours.

Besides the fact that massage relieves you from stress and recuperates your muscles, it is also a great activity to enjoy with your colleagues. By having a relaxing activity such as this, you are able to keep your thought away from work. This is precisely where the real bonding between colleagues can happen: in a relaxed and safe atmosphere. Without even noticing, you can develop better relationships based on the fact that both you and the other individual were relaxed. In that regard, massage can be used as excellent tool for teambuilding. Already many companies are using it and hopefully much more will in future. This is the best way to ensure our longevity and to prevent any potential maladies or health related issues. Massage at the workplace is a treatment that has a lot of potential in future. pebbles

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