My 5 (ish) favourite blogs

October 19, 2011

Britmums are encouraging us to shout out and share some of our favourite blogs. I’ve been wanting to do this anyway because there are so many brilliant writers out there. The last three months have opened up a new world to me, I never new these were all these like minded people tapping away at their computers.

I love magazines and newspapers but they don’t always write what I want to read. With blogs you can read the posts which sound interesting. So first thanks to all the blogs I read recently. I think you’ve saved me at least a fiver a month on magazines. The only problem is that as I’ve subscribed to these by email I tend to read them on my phone when I get the odd spare moment so I don’t always comment on them.

So here are some of my favourite reads.

  • always makes me laugh. She’s funny and honest and I love listography. I’ve usually got another post planned when I spot what the topic is that week. My favourite was guilty pleasures week. I feel we bonded over a shared love of Dawson’s Creek. Oops wasn’t supposed to tell everyone about that – sorry Kate!
  • Mammasaurus and her a-ma-zing baby Lovenewblogs Usually if someone is described as wacky zany it makes me cringe just a little bit. Yet the mammasaur (sic) has such a wonderful out-there take on the world. She is unafraid to tackle any subject (erm… girls and their relationship with …um….themselves, if you know what I mean) I love her blog hops What?Wednesday is just brilliant. I can’t wait to see her face on the side of a bus – it’s the next step I’m sure!
  • Tiredmummyoftwo writes brilliantly and I love the way she supports other bloggers. Her Christmas tombola competition is inspired. I can’t believe how many prizes she has managed to get. The only problem is deciding which prize to go for – they are all so fabulous! 
  • helloitsgemma just celebrated her blogging birthday. Her posts are interesting and thought provoking. I always feel like I’m reading an article from The Guardian when I visit her blog. 
  • Trouble Doubled A twin mum who is completely unafraid to say it how it is. Sharp and funny, she says the things I’m thinking but am to scared to say. 
  • Actually Mummy has a big thumbs up from me for using the word loquacious. Love it! Read her bio for why I love her writing, fantastically funny. The only problem I have is when I’m writing a comment or on twitter, who do I refer it to? It’s a bit like when you see people talking to on TV, do they talk to the puppet or the owner of the hand. I had to laugh at her recent competition where people suggested irons and spa days as suitable prizes for a seven year old. 
Oops – just realised I have gone over 5 – oh well might as well break the rules and finish with one more.
  • – is a very honest take on being a mother and a mummy blogger. She also somehow finds time to write for Britmums. I’m looking forward to her new venture matching newbie bloggers to the – how shall I say it – more mature bloggers. 

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