Easy No Carve Emoji Pumpkins

October 4, 2019

Emoji Pumpkins DIY

I have a big fondness for any pumpkin decorating idea which doesn’t require you to do any pumpkin carving. It’s one of those things which starts out fun and ends up with you elbows in gunk and the kids are nowhere in sight. I’m always looking for new ways to decorate pumpkins using paint to make things easier. We decided to make some emoji pumpkins last year as the round shape makes it the perfect design.

Spray pumpkins yellow

We used:

Yellow spray paint

red, black, pink and white craft foam

white and black bottle tops

old sunglasses

bandage/white cloth

black sharpie

blu tack

no crave pumpkin decoration

How to make Emoji Pumpkins

I sprayed the pumpkins with yellow spray paint. You need to do this in a well ventilated area and follow the instructions on the can. It’s worth putting down lots o newspaper.

emoji pumpkin stack

  1. CHEEKY Use one googly eye and draw on the other eye with a sharpie, in a curve shape. Cut a mouth out of black craft foam and add a pink craft foam tongue. Stick on with superglue or use a glue gun.
  2. SCARED Use white and black bottle tops to make eyes with the pupil at the top. Draw a straight mouth with a sharpie.
  3. COOL This is the easiest one. Use blue tack to position garida.net some sunglasses onto the pumpkin and draw a smily mouth with a sharpie.
  4. LOVED UP Cut out two hearts from red craft foam and a smily mouth with black craft foam. Stick on with strong glue.
  5. POORLY Draw a sad face with a sharpie on a small pumpkin. Use a bandage to tie around the pumpkin, attach with blu tack.

Easy no carve emoji pumpkins

Once you have decorated the pumpkins you can display them in a line or make a fun stack of pumpkins. To make sure they don’t fall over you can hammer a wooden pin through the middle so it doesn’t fall.

No Carve Emoji Pumpkins

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