What is your npower Superpower?

October 26, 2016

Do you have a secret power? According to npower, we are a nation full of hidden talents and they are launching a campaign to celebrate all the fun, amazing things we can do with the help of celebrity Peter Andre. From juggling dads to mums who can balance the whole Sunday roast, npower are looking to find what talents the nation has hidden away.

According to research from npower, Dad dancing tops the polls for the most popular (or cringe worthy) talent. The polls show that an amazing 79% of us have a secret everyday super power, with dad dancing topping the polls for the most popular talent. The top 5 superpowers that us Brits wished we had were 1) photographic memory 2) back flipping 3) doing the splits 4) hula hooping 5) moonwalking. I wish I could do all those at once!

You can watch Peter Andre displaying his superpowers in this video.

I kind of feel having twins is a superpower all of its own and if it isn’t then it has certainly brought out the powers in me. I have the ability to deflect any whinge or whine at 30 paces when the girls are looking at sweets in the shops, I can hold hands with two squirming children and carry a scooter, a bike, a camera bag and the picnic at the same time.


But I think my greatest superpower is the ability to get the children out of bed on a Monday morning, have breakfast and get dressed often in 40 minutes. Having three girls all with long hair means I have three different lots of hair to do as quickly as possible and, of course, they all want different hairstyles. I can now do their hair in under 3 minutes. Faster than a speeding bullet.

The girls have their own superpowers. They spend far more time practicing their headstands, handstands and cheerleading moves than learning their times tables. So they decided to combine the two and now do their homework while doing their cheer routine. Much more fun and good exercise too.

So if you are yet to find your superpower you can go to your nearest roadshow, in London, Manchester or Birmingham. For us, it was at Birmingham Central this weekend. It’s a fun end to the half term holiday.


Roadshow dates are.

o    Birmingham Central – Friday 28th to Sunday 30th Oct. (See Peter Andre 29th October)

o    London – Bluewater – Friday 4th to Sunday 6th November  (See Peter Andre 5th November)

o    Manchester – Arndale – Friday 11th to Sunday 13th November  (See Peter Andre 11th November)

o    Newcastle – Metro centre – Friday 18th to Sunday 20th November


Go to www.npower.com/superpowers to share your family’s everyday superpower and be in with a chance to win a gadget bundle worth £25,000 to super power your home

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