Number Themed Bento Lunches

May 28, 2014

The twins are starting school in September and I am trying to prepare them in lots of fun ways. I want them to be very comfortable recognising numbers. To help them with this I thought it would be fun to make some number themed lunches. I tend to keep lunches simple as we are usually in a rush  so these are really quick ideas which I have made using sandwich and cookie cutters and a few bento accessories.

Number themed bento lunches for toddlers

I think these would work really well as special birthday lunches. They would also go well in a bento lunchbox. I tried to make the number of objects match the number of the lunch although it didn’t always work with the sea. I also tried to keep the lunches as healthy as possible, although I think they could probably do with a bit more protein.

I made these in about ten minutes, I have to be quick because as soon as the twins see me making lunch they hang around my feet like puppies waiting for scraps.

One Themed Lunch

Number One Themed Bento Lunch


Ham sandwich, cheese number 1, grapes, McVitie’s Mini Gingerbread Man, banana

Two Themed Lunch

Two Themed Bento Lunch

Cucumber, tuna sandwich, banana, apple number, jelly beans.

Three Themed Lunch

Number Three Themed Bento Lunch

Peanut sandwich, tomatoes, grapes, goldfish crackers, lettuce, rice crispie cake 3.

Four Themed Lunch

Number Four Themed Bento Lunch

Jam sandwiches, banana, celery, lettuce, cheese 4.

Five Themed Lunch


Open cheese sandwiches, blueberries, Bear Alpha Bites Multigrain Cereal Letters, celery, cucumber, sponge 5.

I love the fact this encourages the girls to play with their food. They added eyes to their little ducks using the blueberries.

Number Five Themed Bento Lunch

I did make another 1 themed lunch originally but it didn’t fit as well with the others. The girls liked the cake though.

One Themed Bento Lunch

cheese spread sandwich, tomato, Babybel, cupcake, cucumber 1.

Bento lunch

Most of the picks were bought at the Eats Amazing online shop.

These number themed lunches are so cute. Great for birthdays or for kids just learning their numbers.  You will love how adorable number 5 is!

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These number themed lunches are so cute. Great for birthdays or for kids just learning their numbers.

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